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Drug Rehab Headquarters is an online Drug Rehab Directory. An informative website dedicated to help people with their drug or alcohol addiction. This website is meant to educate about drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Our goal is to inform on alcohol and drug rehab centers. There are many treatment options to choose from. As well as many drug and alcohol treatment programs. Our mission is to have a one-hundred percent success rate in placing addicts in the appropriate alcohol and drug rehab center, based on our broad knowledge of treatment facilities, our sensitivity to clients' needs, and our ability to facilitate quick and effective placement for different types of drug rehabilitation. Providing informed, free and non-judgmental advice to every client, resulting in the addicts' successful recovery.

How to start Drug and/or Alcohol Addiction Treatment

  • Step 1: Phone our 24/7 Drug and/or Alcohol helpline.
  • Step 2: Define the first course of action.
  • Step 3: Review Drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment options & Programs.
  • Step4: Determine the Proper Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center.
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Best Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centers

Choosing the right drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers can be a daunting task; therefore, we have done a lot of the work to help you find the strong>best drug and alcohol treatment. Throughout the country there are thousands of drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers. There isn’t one that we can comfortably say it is the best, because every treatment center is different. Some might have a great 12 step program, while another will be better for detox program. There are even specialized programs for the un-addicted friends and family members of addicts such as Alanon and Alateen. We encourage you to call our helpline to get expert advice on the various ddiction treatment centers, drug rehab services or to have your questions answered. Our toll free phone number is 1-866-720-3784

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Information

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab experts have provided detailed information on Drug and Alcohol Treatment and the different drug and alcohol addiction treatment options.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

We pride on being a one stop destination for treating alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We will educate and help one to better understand drug and/or alcohol treatment options; so that, one may effectively tackle their or their loved one's addiction and get successful treatment by pairing the addict with a program that will specifically handle their unique needs.

Speaking with us will ensure that you gain a good understanding of the various types of treatment available in your area, including their pricing structure, or payment assistance programs. Please contact our helpline at 1-866-720-3784 for a free consultation.

Drug Rehab Directory

If you would rather utilize our alcohol and drug rehab directory and not speak to a representative please use the search bar to look up a specific drug rehab center, your city, or select a state from the list to get started. There are thousands of treatment listings and drug rehab services available to choose from.

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Drug Rehabilitation Services

Drug rehab services, starts with the addict either confronting his or her addiction, or with an intervention. Based on the addiction and the individual, a proper treatment would be given to the addict to help with the recovery. Along with treatment comes counseling, which will continue through the recovery process. Please have a look at our extremely detailed page on addiction warning signs. We have provided a list of drugs, several pictures, and lots information regarding the warning signs of substance abuse and rehabilitation.

Drug Rehab Headquarters has trained professionals that are available 24/7 and will help you find the best and most appropriate service possible. 1-866-720-3784

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The Truth behind Drugs

Drugs might seem cool to use in the begining, but eventually you will hit rock bottom and lose everything. Being broke and homeless is defiantly not cool and most people would agree it's actually very sad. Rehab Headquarters was mainly created to help addicts start enjoying their lives again. The sooner an addict gets treatment, the easier it will be for the individual to get their life back. Click read more below for more information on alcohol, cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, GHB, heroin, marijuana, and oxycontin.

We encourage you to phone our helpline to find out more 1-866-720-3784.

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24/7 Addiction Support

A qualified and certified addictions counsellor is standing by ready to listen to you. We will answer any questions, provide support, information, assistance, and help to define your first course of action.

Each of our counsellors is a Certified Chemical Dependency Counsellor with extensive knowledge on rehabilitative practices from around North America.

Our counsellors have a first hand experience in overcoming addiction either in their own or their immediate family's lives. We would be honoured to extend the value of our formal training or first hand experience on to you, so that you may become effective in dealing with addiction.

Drug Abuse Helpline

The rehab helpline service we offer is free. In contacting the Drug Rehab HQ you can rest assured that you now have your finger on the pulse of the rehabilitation industry throughout the United States of America and will receive the best advice available.

Expand Your Knowledge

Please use our page with detailed information on drugs and alcohol to provide yourself with a broad range of knowledge on a specific substance. Inform yourself of the type of addiction you are dealing with by reviewing our addiction information and warnings.

Phone our toll free helpline to speak to a qualified and certified counsellor who will help define the ever important first course of action.


Rehab in the United States

In this country there are many different approaches for the types of drug rehabilitation and more popping up each day it seems. From California to New York, drug rehab treatment centers keep opening. The main categories for residential treatment for addiction are as follows: faith based treatment, behaviour modification, cognitive behavioural therapy, bio-physical, holistic and twelve step.

One of the most important choices to make is the type of residential treatment the addict will recieve.

Behaviour Modification

Fast becoming obsolete is the behaviour modification as its principles are largely punitive in nature. Behaviour modification treatment centers aim to break the addict down and strip away all former beliefs and rebuild the person from the ground up in an often militant fashion.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a much more official type of therapy which can only be done by a person with the appropriate CBT training. A Psychologist or other mental health professional. the mainstay of CBT is one on one where the addict is encouraged to reflect on his/her own addiction so he/she can make breakthroughs as the underlying causes for the addiction and thereby create positive change by increasing his/her own awareness. Many facilities that offer cognitive behavioural therapy also insist that their clients participate in group therapy at least once a day so they have the opportunity to share their reflections with the group.

Bio-physical Addiction Treatment

A cutting edge type of therapy, referred to as bio-physical, combines life orientation skills training with holistic detoxification to achieve two tiered rehabilitation of the body and mind. Once the harmful toxins are removed from the body and the person is brought back to the person they were before the onset of addiction their re education on how to be productive and successful in life begins so they can have the opportunity to overcome addiction once and for all.

Faith Based and Holistic Treatment

Programs that are faith based follow the fundamental views and beliefs of the sponsoring religion and adapt that belief system to "treat" the addiction. There is little done from a psychological standpoint. Faith based recovery is exactly as it sounds, addiction recovery from a strictly dogmatic approach.

Holistic treatment tends to focus on the rehabilitation through the use of holistic practices utilizing diet, exercise, and all around healthy living as a guiding light to addiction recovery.

Twelve Step Programs

Programs utilizing any form of Alcoholics Anonymous as its primary treatment platform are considered part of the twelve step. The program was developed to treat alcohol but it has been modified to include cocaine, narcotics and even sexual addiction. Twelve step programs are the most abundant and widespread.

Evidence Based Therapy

Drug Rehab Headquarters is proud to offer you or your loved one, Evidence based Therapy that is proven get the highest success rates available in the field of Substance Abuse Treatment today. Our Addiction treatment centers offer Holistic treatment which is Taylor made to suit the unique needs of each client. Our rigorous and proven assessment process helps us to maximize the effectiveness of our multi tracked Holistic addiction treatment program and zero in on which of the following therapies will best support your recovery: Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Equine Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Art Therapy, Qui Gong and Yoga Therapy. Additionally meals planned by a nutritionist prepared by a top level chef have been proven to be a crucial support any modern addiction treatment program.

These types of drug rehab are described in more detail on our page with addiction treatment options. You may also look for a treatment center and thoroughly filter your search. The listings have been sorted into several important categories including states. Please phone our 24/7 Addiction Support helpline for more detailed information.

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