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The Benefits of Behavioral Health Services

Treating Behavioral Addictions

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Behavioral Health. Most people may not know is that there are other addictions that have the power, like drugs and alcohol, to take control of every aspect of life; these addictions are known as behavioral disorders and they too can cause negative effects on mental and physical health. Inpatient behavioral health centers provide guidance and support for patients suffering from behavioral disorders, such as work, video game, shopping, sex, gambling and exercise addiction. The programs these centers offer prove that there are major benefits of behavioral health services.

Behavioral Health Services

The most effective behavioral health services offered at behavioral health facilities include a combination of traditional and experiential therapies. In order to properly treat behavioral health disorders, patients must undergo an extensive but safe cleansing of the mind. Behavioral health treatments begin with a thorough assessment in order to determine exactly how many behavioral health disorders they may be suffering from. More often than not, most behavioral health disorders are accompanied by either an addiction or a mental health disorder; each of which can be treated at an inpatient behavioral health center.

behavioral health services

One of the best traditional therapies offered during the behavioral health program is the cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps patients cope with everyday life. The most effective experiential therapy patients will attend at a behavioral health center is yoga and meditation. During this behavioral health program, patients are able to connect to their inner psyche and pinpoint triggers that contributes to their addiction.

Behavioral health treatment can significantly boost self-esteem and teach patients how to live healthy and happy lives free from addiction. Inpatient behavioral health programs are evidence-based and scientifically proven enhance mental well-being and increase longevity.

Diagnoses at Behavioral Health Facilities

behavioral health facilities are for people seeking help from behavioral health disorders. Behavioral health disorders cause someone to suffer from the compulsive desire to participate in certain activities. While most behavioral health disorders do not pose extreme harm to physical health, they can affect mental health and have the potential to ruin home, work and social lives. The most common behavioral health disorders that are treated at inpatient behavioral health centers include:

  • Work
  • Video Game and Internet
  • Shopping
  • Gambling
  • Exercise

People who are addicted to work, also known as workaholics, spend all of their time working. They constantly check their phones and emails for work notifications, set work as their top priority and neglect their loved ones.

Video game and internet addicts obsess over video games and websites, neglect their work and school responsibilities and when they are unable to play or login, they exhibit irritable and aggressive behavior.

When someone is addicted to shopping, they spend all of their money on useless items because they feel a rush when making a purchase. Being a shopaholic will lead to massive debt, as well as problems at home due to hiding purchases and putting the family in a financial bind.

Most people who gamble understand that they will not win every time; however, those who have a gambling addiction will become irritated, aggressive, depressed and suicidal. A lot of gambling addicts will also run out of money and begin to steal in order to feed their addiction. Their risky behaviors will lead to jail time, homelessness or death.

It is hard to define exercise as an unhealthy addiction, but there are times when people take it too far. Like workaholics, those who are addicted to exercise spend more time at the gym than they do with their loved ones. While their bodies may be healthy, their mental health may suffer due to isolation which can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.

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