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Why ambien detox is the first and most effective step in ambien treatment. The benefits of drug rehab. More than 4 percent of the American population suffers from a sleeping problem and over 8 million have been prescribed with some sort of sleeping aid, such as Ambien. While Ambien has shown to help decrease sleeping problems, its prolonged use can lead to many negative effects on mental and physical health, as well as increase the chance of developing an addiction. Prescription drug rehabs across the nation provide evidence-based programs that allow patients to successfully recover from Ambien addiction. The first and most effective step in Ambien treatment is an Ambien detox.

How to Choose the Best Ambien Rehab

The best Ambien treatment centers will be accredited by the Joint Commission International, as well as certified by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and the National Association of Intervention Specialists. Not only should the drug rehab center be certified, but the staff should be able to provide their credentials and licenses upon request, as well as be members of the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.

One of the most important aspects of the right prescription drugs rehab is if it offers multiple options for the detoxification (detox) process. There are three types of detox processes, including:

  • Inpatient Drug Detox: Depending on the severity of the addiction, inpatient drug detox will last anywhere from 5-7 days to a couple of weeks. During this process, medical professionals will safely remove all toxic substances from the body. Patients will experience symptoms of withdrawal which are uncomfortable and most times unbearable. Medical professionals are equipped to administer medicinal and nutritional support in order to help ease the symptoms.
  • Sub-acute Detox: This detox can be completed with or without medicinal or nutritional support. It is recommended for those with less severe addiction because it is a less extensive process. This is the most natural way to detox from a substance because it does not require medicinal support.
  • Rapid Detox: The rapid detox takes place while the patient is under a general anesthesia. Medical professionals administer reverse effect drugs intravenously to the patient in order to quickly remove the substance from the body. This is recommended for patients who are suffering from a severe addiction.

What to Expect During an Ambien Detox

An Ambien detox is the safe removal of all toxic substances from the body. During the Ambien detox, medical professionals will closely-monitor each patient’s progress in order to adjust the treatment accordingly. The Ambien detox will last anywhere from 5-7 days to a couple of weeks; everything depends on the severity of the Ambien addiction. Patients will experience symptoms of withdrawal that will be uncomfortable and at some times, unbearable.

ambien detox

When the effects of Ambien wear off, users will feel confused and lethargic. Some users have shown signs of paranoia, hallucinations and psychotic delusions. Other withdrawal symptoms of Ambien shortly after using include:

  • Panic attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Craving for more

At the three-day mark, the withdrawal symptoms of Ambien do not subside; in fact, the insomnia, paranoia and depression will become increasingly worse. In most cases, users develop anxiety, become irritable and experience drastic mood swings. Users will also feel weak and have little to no appetite.

Up to 10 days after using Ambien, users will begin to experience stiff muscles but most of the withdrawal symptoms of Ambien begin to subside. By the 90 day mark, most users feel back to normal; however, without following the Ambien detox with the proper treatment of Ambien addiction, the chances of a relapse are significantly increased.

Ambien Treatment

The most effective programs for Ambien treatment are a combination of traditional and experiential therapies. Traditional therapies involve more one-on-one interaction with a therapist and a patient, while experiential therapies tend to think outside the box and use things like art, music and yoga to help treat addiction.

One of the most effective therapies offered at drug rehab is the cognitive behavioral therapy. Patients work with a therapist to pinpoint triggers in their minds that contribute to their addictive personalities. Once they are able to recognize them, they learn how to change their actions to positive reactions. Patients learn how to control their behaviors and resist the power of peer pressure.

The experiential therapies help distract patients with positive activities, such as art or music therapy. During these therapies, patients are able to express themselves freely and find things that make them happy. Most addiction treatment centers offer outdoor therapy in order for patients to connect with nature and learn how to handle different types of situations. Experiential therapies, like equine therapy, teach patients how to care for something other than themselves. During exercises like that, patients gain self-esteem and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Making patients feel good and proud of themselves should be one of the Ambien treatment center’s priorities. Providing guidance and support in a positive environment can significantly increase the chances of a successful recovery. All people, regardless of what state of mind they are in, want to have someone be proud of them, which is why the best drug rehab centers promote positivity and are proud of the patients who choose to begin their journey on the road to recovery.

Ambien treatment programs also include educational tools in order to teach patients how to sleep better which help keep them motivated to remain sober; if they can take control of their behaviors, they will learn to figure out how to fall asleep on their own and no longer need sleeping aids for help.

Studies show that by being mindful or your sleep habits and learning to relax will significantly increase your chance to fall asleep, stay asleep and sleep better; in fact, experts say that in most cases, sleep disorders can be treated just by making certain lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes can be learned by participating in effective Ambien treatment programs that are evidence-based and scientifically proven to increase overall well-being and decrease the risk of an overdose.

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