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Holistic drug addiction treatment can be great help for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Holistic drug addiction treatment improves mental health and physical well being. Improving a person's mind body and spirit to help fight addiction. When the word holism is mentioned, many people think of hippies wandering through forests, collecting berries for treatment or Eastern doctors using chicken wings to cure a patient; however, holism is much more than that. Holism is characterized by the mind, body and soul being completely in sync; it is based upon the fact that a system cannot be explained or function just by their individual parts, everything must be looked at as a whole. Holistic drug addiction treatment is one of the most effective ways to treat addiction because it focuses on the patient’s inner psyche in order to connect to their addictive personalities. Holistic drug rehab facilities offer programs that naturally cleanse the mind and body with holistic drug treatment programs.

Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment

Patients begin the holistic addiction treatment which includes traditional and experiential therapies, such as:

Acupuncture: One of the best ways to manage physical pain without the use of medication is acupuncture. A trained acupuncturist places needles on pressure points in order to relieve tension, stress and pain.

holistic drug addiction treatment

Nutritional therapy: Substance abuse causes a nutrient deficiency; therefore, we will provide vitamins and minerals to repair damage and regenerate tissues. Nutrients will also help the chemical, enzymatic and physiological processes of the body.

Exercise: Dopamine is released into the body during exercise which causes a pleasurable feeling, improves emotional health and increases self-esteem. It also increases blood and oxygen flow.

Massage therapy: Getting a massage relieves tension and stress. The aroma therapies used during the massage will relax and soothe the body as well.

Spiritual counseling: This counseling is designed to provide patients with a deeper understanding of life. Holistic rehab centers want [patients to establish a more fulfilling life with meaning.

Yoga and meditation: Yoga focuses more on breathing and controlling the body while meditation helps patients focus and gain control over their mind. Both improve concentration and help manage mild pain.

Art and music therapy: These allow patients to express their feelings through art or playing an instrument. Patients do not have to be good; they just have to want to participate.

The holistic drug addiction treatment program is the safest and natural way to combat addiction. It teaches patients to live a healthy life free from the dependence of stimuli.

Holistic Drug Rehab - Holistic Cleanse

During a holistic cleanse at a holistic drug rehab, patients will undergo a life-changing event; their entire mind and body will be cleansed in the most natural, safe and effective way possible. One of the best holistic cleanses is a sub-acute detoxification (detox). A sub-acute detox is a less severe detox process that, like all other detox processes, takes place in a holistic rehab center. Regardless of how severe the addiction is, patients will experience symptoms of withdrawal that will be uncomfortable and at sometimes, unbearable. During this time, medical experts are equipped to administer nutritional and psychological support.

Because the detox process does not include any medicinal support, this is a holistic cleanse and it is one of the safest and most natural ways to cleanse the mind and body. The nutritional support is to replenish the body with nutrients it may have lost while overpowered by addiction. What most people do not know is how severe the toll drug and alcohol addiction takes on the body; therefore, nutritional support is 100 percent necessary in order to restore the body back to its normal state. Psychological support helps keep patients on the right track; during the detox, patient may develop depression, anxiety and even hallucinations which can overpower their normal mental well-being. Medical professionals, such as therapists and psychologists, provide guidance and support in order to keep patient’s minds on track and off the negative symptoms they may be feeling.

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