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Stories of success from people who made the choice to get and stay clean. Making that first choice to call is not always an easy one. We at Drug Rehab Headquarters are devoted to helping people get the help they need. With our directory of over 11,000 substance abuse treatment centers and sober living homes across the U.S. we can help you find the help you deserve. Call Today for a free assessment.

Below is a small but healthy list of indivduals that were kind enough to provide us with a short success story. The goal of Drug Rehab HQ is to be the number one authority in successful drug rehab, and this is proof that we are well on the way.

The success stories of some the individual's below have only been modified to maintain the writer's anonymity. They are genuine stories of how our rehabilitation services has helped the families themselves to make stable and long lasting change. If you would like to submit a success story please contact any one of our counsellors to get started.

We have been lucky enough to be able to provide success stories from recovered alcoholics and addicts we hope they are a source of inspiration to you as they are to all of us here.

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Steve-O Explains His Road to Recovery

Alcohol and Drug Recovery

Drug Free

The courageous individuals mentioned throughout the rehab success stories in this section have managed to successfully complete their addiction treatment and have been drug free ever since. Those who started their road to recovery and chose to thank us for receiving insightful information have also been shared.

Carl A. (Drug free son since 2003)

Dear Drug Headquarters: I am one grateful mother!! Thanks to you, my son has completely turned his life around. I don’t know what I’d have done without you. When I called you, I was SCARED. I didn’t even know what drugs my son was on, and I had no idea what kind of help was available. It’s such a secret world a parent of an addict lives in ---afraid to talk to anyone, afraid to admit anything. So, thanks to your no-nonsense approach, your calm and accepting attitude, you walked me through the most frightening journey of my life. Thanks to you, I have my son back, better than ever!!

J.M. (Drug free brother since 2004)

Hey guys I just wanted to drop a quick line and thank you guys for being there and actually answering the phone last sunday what a tremendous help you were, I was able to use the list of places you provided and find a facility for my brother. He was admitted on tuesday to the detox, he will be transferred to the treatment center hopefully sometime this week. The Drug Rehab Headquarters was a big help thanks again!

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Randy (Drug free brother since 2005)

Dear Headquarters, you have my undying respect. When my husband and I finally realized that our son was a drug addict with an addiction bigger than any of us could handle, we were desperate to find help. We found Rehab Headquarters on the ‘net, and contacted you.

Your empathy, your non-judgemental attitude and your expert advice helped us find the perfect rehab for our son. It’s been four years now and his life has turned around in ways we could never have believed. He’s the son we always knew he could be before drugs took him away from us, and he is now an inspiration to so many people who’ve lost their way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are wonderful.

Roger Pearson (Drug free grandson since 2005)

I am writing this message with the hope that it reaches the management of the Drug Rehab Headquarters, I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I was doing some research for my grandson in an effort to get a handle on his rampant drug use, when I stumbled across your website. I found the addiction information on the warning signs of each drug so helpful, I was able to figure out that he was taking methamphetamines. Once I called and spoke with one of your counsellors, he recommend several premier drug rehabilitation facilities that specialized in treating this type of addiction and three months later he is finally acting like my grandson again the light is back in his eyes and he is so positive and enthusiastic. Thank you for your wonderful service!

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Josie L. (Drug free since 2006)

Hi Headquarters----I hope you remember me. I’m Josie. About two years ago. I was on the street, strung out on cocaine, feeling my life was over. Then, my one and only remaining friend, Lorie, found you on the internet and I talked to you for almost an hour .. Thanks to your counselling and your help to get me back in touch with my dad, I was able to go to the California rehab you recommended.

Since then my life has been nothing but success after success. In fact, last month I got my GED and immediately after got a job in an insurance office. And, next month I’m getting married to the most wonderful man in the world. Of course Lorie will be my Maid of Honour. We will think of you on my wedding day because without your help I wouldn’t be where I am today. You are saints. Thanks a lot.

Heather N. (Drug free since 2008)

Dear Headquarters, I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Heather. I’m 19 years old. I called you late at night about a year ago---alone, desperate, afraid. You were terrific. It was almost as though you were right there beside me. You told me to go home to my parents and TELL THE TRUTH. I did that, and it was just like you said. They were so supportive, and they agreed to send me to rehab. I went to (name removed for privacy reasons), the rehab you’d recommended, and again, it was just like you said. The staff were terrific. I spent the best 3 months of my life there. Since rehab, I’m back at home living with my parents, and we get along beautifully. I feel like I have my life back. Thanks.

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Alcohol Free

These success stories below are those of incredibly strong individuals who have conquered their alcohol addiction and successfully completed treatment. People who have recieved addiction help specifically for alcohol also have their stories posted here.

Frans (Alcohol free since 2006)

Dear Rehab Headquarters; I had called your counselor approximately 4 months ago and I was in such a desperate situation I have no family left and I was broke, jobless, penniless and almost hopeless yours was the last number on my list before I was out of options. So I called and then your Counsellor began going over all of the state funded programs available in my area, he even found me a charity based detox to go to first. I am nearing the end of my program and I really wanted to tell you guys how awesome you are, and how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me. I was done for if you didn’t answer the phone.

A.T. (Alcohol free since 2007)

Dear Drug Rehab Headquarters - What do you mean your goal is to be the #1 Rehab counselling service? In my books you already are! I contacted 3 different sites before I got to you, and believe me, you are miles ahead of the others. Your knowledge, professionalism, promptness, no-nonsense approach puts you right up there at the top of the pack. You got me from A to B in the shortest time possible. My recovery is still going strong. You are brilliant. Way to go!!!

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Barbara Keller (Alcohol free mom since 2008)

Dear Sir: My sister and I want to thank you for helping us get our mother to deal with her alcohol addiction. When we contacted you we weren’t very optimistic, but your wise advice helped us convince mom that she needed to go. The place you suggested turned out to be the perfect one. Well, I just wanted to tell you that we just got back from Thanksgiving dinner at mom’s. It was beautiful to have our mom back. Thanks, Drug Rehab Headquarters. Two grateful sisters

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Please share your success with others and help them know it is out there. Let them know anything is achievable and that they have the power to cure addiction. Contact our helpline and speak to one of our counsellors and we will post it here.

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