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Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Information On What To Expect From Inpatient Drug Treatment

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Inpatient drug rehab centers are a live-in facility providing therapy for drug and alcohol addicts. This page is designed to help people find the right inpatient drug detox. Inpatient drug rehab centers can give you individualized addiction treatment plans and tools you need to defeat alcohol and drug addiction.

Addiction has a horrid impact on individuals and their families. Long term inpatient drug rehab can get an addict back on the path to live a successful, satisfying drug free life. Cost of inpatient drug detox range from free to very expensive depending on the inpatient drug rehab one chooses.

Drug rehab centers are required by law to keep your visit and treatment private. It is considered a medical visit and is treated as such. These facilities usually start with either an inpatient drug detox or inpatient alcohol detox.

Inpatient Treatment Center

Inpatient drug rehab centers differ from outpatient in that the patient stays at a facility under supervised care as opposed to at their home. This gives addicts the opportunity to live with other people who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Inpatient drug rehab centers will offer the following: counselors that are experts in giving the help an addict needs to recover from their addiction. Long term inpatient drug rehab centers are also avaialable.

Long term inpatient drug rehab centers offer different types of rehabilitation depending on the addicts need. Inpatient drug detox is available at these inpatient drug reahb centers.

residential rehab treatment center

Inpatient Drug Rehab Care

Inpatient drug rehab centers can provide care from trained medical staff personnel 24/7. Inpatient drug treatment facilities will require that you live at the facility for a period of time. It depends on the rehab facility. Most instances a period of 30-90 days. Inpatient facilities can be located in a hospital. These facilities offer around-the-clock medical care and is a smart option for those requiring an inpatient alcohol detox.

Inpatient alcohol rehab centers located outside of a hospital may offer periodic care or round the clock care from trained medical personnel.

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Finding the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers


Several factors to consider to find the right drug treatment program. If one looks carefully at what each program has to offer, you should be able to gauge which inpatient drug detox and rehabilitation center fits your needs. Contemplate these questions as you decide which alcohol inpatient treatment center is best for you:

1. What are the different addictions the residential rehab treatment center addresses?
This is because different drugs will need different types of help.
For example: Addiction to prescription drugs will need a medical detox and other treatments that other drug addictions won't require.

2. Are the inpatient drug rehab centers organized for any specific group of people?
Some inpatient rehab centers are designed specifically for women, LGBT persons or high-level executives. You might want to look at inpatient drug rehab rehab centers that are geared towards your specific demographic.

3. What are the accommodations like at an inpatient drug detox?
The treatment plan itself is the most important aspect of achieving sobriety.
It is important to feel comfortable in your new surroundings. It is common for patients to reside at the facility for a minimum of 30 days. The environment should feel pleasant and positive. Drug rehab centers are designed to seem more like resorts than hospitals. Typically these facilities will offer a wide range of extra amenities. These facilities can include equine therapy, spa treatments, golf ranges and acupuncture. Depending on the particular requirements needed by the individual and income level, one might consider these attending facilities to make your stay more comfortable.

4. What different forms of treatment are used?
Most long term inpatient drug rehab centers offer group therapy, individual therapy and counseling. Therapeutic interventions may be available. Some programs also require family members to attend therapy sessions. Also consider if a dual diagnosis treatment center is appropriate. >These inpatient rehab centers are equipped to care for other coexisting medical or mental health conditions a patient might have, such as bipolar disorder.

5. Will going to a residential rehab treatment center interfere with work?
Here clients will be able to receive excellent care while still engaging with daily work responsibilities.

6. Does budget and insurance cover the cost of a inpatient drug rehab center?
It is important to find out if and how much insurance will cover. Inpatient treatment centers tend to range between $2,000-$25,000. This will depend on the location, amenities provided, and the type of the program (this will dictate a program’s length).

If the price is out of range, DRHQ employs experts who can sort through your options with you.
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Outpatient programs are cheaper but less effective.

Drug Rehab Headquarters serves as a directory for trusted inpatient drug rehab treatment centers. Research the different options before making a final decision. There are many factors to evaluate that will determine which drug rehab will best fit you.

Inpatient Drug Detox Cost

Drug rehab services range in cost but generally can be expensive. The intake personnel at the inpatient drug dertox will be straightforward regarding this subject. Before agree to enter an inpatient residential drug or alcohol rehab program:
Understand exactly what you are going to have to pay for.

It is common for inpatient drug rehabilitation programs to require food be paid for.

… room and board, miscellaneous other expenses and the cost of therapy (to include other services that offered by the addiction treatment program).

Some costs may be covered by insurance. All one has to do is check with their insurance company to find out whether or not it is possible to be reimbursed for the cost of rehabilitation.

Do You Have Privacy and Confidentiality Concerns?


Inpatient drug rehb centers are required by law to have confidentiality policies. A client’s treatment is considered the same as medical treatment. Nobody but the client, doctors and others directly involved in the treatment plan will have the right to know.

Clients are also protected under law:

The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a strict privacy law that was established by Congress in 1996. serves to protect the security and privacy of your medical information. The law carries a heavy civil and criminal penalty for privacy violations. Depending on the violation committed, imprisonment and fines ranging from $100 to $250,000.

Executive and Luxury Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers

Luxury inpatient alcohol detox clinics will provide the finest amenities one would expect from the best hotels. These inpatient alcohol treatment centers operate with your recovery and comfort as top priorities. Amenities can range from housekeeping services, in-house massage therapy, gym facilities and 5-star meals. You may also receive high quality addiction treatment while being pampered with plush amenities.

Short or Long Term Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

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