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12 Best Texan Cities for Addiction Treatment

12 Best Texan Cities for Addiction Treatment

Top 12 Texan Cities for Addiction Treatment

Texas is a big state and there are myriad options when it comes to addiction treatment. If you are interested in seeking addiction treatment in Texas, the great Lone Star State, these twelve cities offer varying landscapes, cultures, and quality treatment. You can find treatment centers in each city from this list that provide a vast degree of care to all demographics and that take private insurance as well as access, some offering payment on a sliding scale.

The addiction treatment programs in these 12 Texan cities range from traditional methods oriented with the 12-step ideology to approaches that focus on holistic treatment and include things like acupuncture, expressive therapy, and more, but you should hear a little about these top 12 cities first before you decide.

1. Austin, Texas

Austin, the state’s capital, is an incredible option for beginning a road to recovery from addiction. This city promises an ideal combination of tropical and desert climate.

Austin has a unique culture that is flourishing with art and music; you may have heard their slogan before: “keep Austin weird.”

With beautiful destinations in nature such as Jacob’s Well or Krause Springs nearby and many lush parks within the city proper, Austin is a great place to explore and get a fresh start.

Austin, Texas Drug Rehabs

In terms of addiction treatment, there are many quality options that cater to all different walks of life. Austin has residential treatment that specializes in accommodating pregnant women, mothers with children, as well as LGBTQ individuals. There are many choices for substance abuse treatment in Austin, Texas. Including sober living, inpatient treatment, and long-term residential programs.

2. Corpus Christi, Texas

This picturesque city is nestled around the Corpus Christi Bay and encompasses part of Mustang Island on the Gulf. Sharing the humid subtropical climate that most of Texas is graced with, this city exhibits warm summers and short, mild winters.

Let beautiful beaches and warm winds from the Gulf of Mexico ease you through recovery in Corpus Christi. The gentle waves will carry you along in treatment and after you graduate, you can continue your recovery at one of the beautiful sober living homes in the area.

Corpus Christi, Texas Addiction Treatment Centers

There is a good amount of top-rated drug and alcohol treatment opportunities in Corpus Christi, Texas that include inpatient and long-term residential programs centered around mental health care.

3. McKinney, Texas

Downsize a bit to a smaller city for drug and alcohol treatment in McKinney, Texas where the population is only around 100,000 people. The atmosphere of a smaller city can make life simpler and remove the stresses of the big city. The downtown area has attractive little boutiques and shops sprinkled along the wide pedestrian friendly sidewalks. The city’s public art campaign incorporates art into public spaces, adding to the overall charm factor. McKinney offers a hospitalization program with intensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment, as well as multiple quality outpatient centers. Some of these centers cater to LGBTQ individuals, as well as women and mothers.

McKinney, Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehabs

4. Fort Worth, Texas

If you are going to Texas for treatment to get a taste of the southern cowboy scene, Fort Worth is for you. These people really love their bull riding and they have the world’s only indoor rodeo.

Known as the city of cowboys, western frontier heritage meets the arts and music scene in this moderately large city of about 850,000 people. The drug and alcohol treatment in Fort Worth, Texas is comprehensive and diverse.

Fort Worth, Texas Addiction Rehabs

There are multiple centers that offer just about everything, from long-term residential to outpatient and sober living homes. There are drug use prevention programs for youth as well as support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Whatever your needs are, they will be met in Fort Worth.

5. Houston, Texas

Maybe you are from a small town and want to find addiction treatment somewhere completely different from what you are used to. Houston would be perfect because it is a huge metropolis, with around 2.5 million inhabitants!

Home of a NASA Space Center, nicknamed space city, this is a global city with a diverse population. Houston has an incredible culinary industry to explore while walking off the extra calories in their underground pedestrian tunnels.

Houston, Texas Addiction Treatment Centers

Don’t worry, though, Houston isn’t too big for tradition and still shows up for livestock shows and rodeo like a good Texan city should. You will find the best care in the treatment for addiction centers in Houston, Texas with more than 100 different options available. When you leave treatment, you will have the entire “space city” to expand and find your new calling in.

6. Dallas, Texas

The city of Dallas consists of about half the population size of Houston, however it easily qualifies as a big city in Texas as well.

Home of the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas also boasts the NFL’s first professional cheer-leading squad. It is also where the State Fair of Texas happens, showcasing a gigantic cowboy statue at the entrance to welcome people in.

Dallas, Texas Addiction Rehabs

Like other cities of its size, there is every kind of addiction treatment available in Dallas, Texas, including inpatient, outpatient, long-term residential, holistic approaches and traditional methods of therapy. Your needs are sure to be met with expertise, a large recovery community, and excellent care here.

7. San Antonio, Texas

Another big city of Texas, home of the historical Alamo and gorgeous river-walks along the Comal, San Antonio is the most visited city in the entire state of Texas. With ornate bridges and architecture around the river, this city is probably the most beautiful in Texas. Heal from the troubles of addiction amidst this beauteous and prospering place. The addiction treatment programs in San Antonio, Texas are comprehensive with many different facilities supplying all levels of care, including multiple centers that have long-term residential treatment.

San Antonio, Texas Addiction Treatment Programs

8. Waco, Texas

With a population of about 134,000, Waco is a lovely small city to move to for drug and alcohol treatment. Waco is greener than most Texan cities, with the large Lake Waco along the west and the Brazos river running through the northeast.

While there are less addiction treatment centers in Waco, Texas than there are in the other giant cities like Houston, there is a quality spread of program types, including long-term residential, and varying therapeutic styles. A couple of these are particularly notable for catering to families, with beds for children in addition to their mothers, as well as youth programs.

Waco, Texas Addiction Rehabs

9. El Paso, Texas

This moderately large city, with the Rio Grande running along its west side, is a great place to start an addiction treatment program. Nearly in Mexico, this is a border city that is right in the middle of the desert with hot summers to show for it. You can explore the desert landscape and nature in Franklin Mountains State Park, just outside of the city proper.

Substance abuse treatment in El Paso, Texas serves a wide range of needs including long-term residential programs and a psychiatric center with inpatient services. There is a facility that has special resources available for veterans, a population that is particularly prone to substance abuse.

El Paso, Texas Addiction Teatment Programs

10. Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville is another coastal city in Texas with a moderately large population, located at the very southern tip of Texas. Right on the water of the Bahia Grande, just before the Gulf of Mexico, Brownsville is more blue than brown. That sparkling blue water will cleanse you inside and out as you seek treatment and heal from your addiction.

There are fewer addiction treatment centers in Brownsville, Texas than in many other cities of Texas, but the ones that exist are exceptional and offer high quality care in both inpatient and outpatient programs.

Brownsville, Texas

11. Arlington, Texas

Arlington is a pretty city, to the west of Dallas, that would make for a great place to begin the journey of recovery.

With a smaller feeling to it than Dallas, at approximately 380,000 people, Arlington is a good compromise between the big city and a town. It is also the location of Six Flags Over Texas and the waterpark Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

Arlington, Texas Addiction Teatment

As most of the substance abuse treatment facilities in Arlington, Texas specialize in different degrees of outpatient care, this city would be a good fit for someone who has finished an inpatient intensive program and is looking to begin on a more independent route of recovery. There are many sober housing options there which pairs well with outpatient treatment.

12. Lubbock, Texas

Though the city of Lubbock is perhaps not the most beautiful city in Texas, the treatment available for addiction is well worth it. Lubbock’s population is approximately 250,000 people and has the feeling of a medium sized city.

At the center of the South Plains, the climate here is semiarid with hot summers and fairly mild winters. Of course, it can’t compare to Austin or Houston in terms of entertainment, but Lubbock’s Depot Entertainment District is bustling with live music and other events.

Lubbock, Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

The treatment centers for addiction in Lubbock, Texas are above average compared to many other places in the state. There are facilities that specialize in aiding veterans, youth and adolescent-oriented programs, inpatient and outpatient services, long-term residential programs, as well as multiple choice options for sober living homes.

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