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San Antonio, Texas has a total of 52 drug rehab listing(s) containing information on alcohol rehab centers, addiction treatment centers, drug treatment programs, and rehabilitation clinics within the city. Contact us if you have a facility in San Antonio, Texas and would like to share it in our directory. Additional information about specific San Antonio listings is available by phoning our toll free rehab helpline at 866-720-3784.

People who abuse alcohol or drugs find that their life appears to be spiraling out of control. They lose financial resources, their health, and their happiness. The city of San Antonio, TX, recognizes this problem and has therefore encouraged the development of a number of highly rated clinics to help people go through detox and rehab. These treatment centers for substance abuse include a number of private and executive facilities.

Having a drug or alcohol addiction prevents people from functioning like normal human beings. It is vital that they get the help they need as soon as possible. That being said, it is never too late for addicted persons to receive treatment. San Antonio has put various processes in place to ensure that people no longer waste their lives addicted to prescription medication, illicit drugs, or alcohol.

Drug Problems in San Antonio

San Antonio is South Texas' most populous and largest drug market. The transportation infrastructure in the city has made it relatively easy for drugs to be trafficked. Mexican drug gangs, in particular, send and receive illicit substances through the highway system, while laundering their money through exploitation of financial institutions and commercial businesses. Of specific concern are the production of methamphetamine and the cultivation of cannabis, both of which happen in San Antonio on a wider scale than anywhere else in Texas. Another significant concern is that there has been a big rise in the number of people seeking treatment for heroin addiction.

San Antonio Substance Abuse Treatment

Treatment must begin with an intervention. Unfortunately, it is recognized that those who need treatment are usually the last people to acknowledge this and ask for help. This is why San Antonio has a number of resources and processes in place to educate people not just on the availability of treatment, but also how to access it and why it is necessary.

When addicted people seek the treatment that they require, they must first clear their system of any remainders of the substance they used. This is the detox process. During detox, people are likely to experience a number of very negative and sometimes serious, side effects. Hence, the recommendation is for people to make use of clinical detox procedures, which San Antonio has put in place in a number of different facilities.

After detox, is the rehab process. San Antonio has taken the approach that, while outpatient treatment has its place and is supported, people should go for inpatient rehab whenever possible. This means that they receive around the clock care in a safe and comforting environment. Most importantly, this ensures that they are out of the environment that enabled them to get addicted, for instance, through easy access to drugs.

What San Antonio has also recognized, is that treatment should not end even after they have gone through rehab. Rather, they must also make use of aftercare services. San Antonio has put a number of therapy options in place, including support groups, 12 step programs, sober living facilities, group therapy, family counseling, and much more. Essentially, they have that ensured people can continue to receive the attention that they need so that they can remain on the path to recovery.

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Drug Facts

  • Adderall is a Schedule II controlled substance, meaning that it has a high potential for addiction.
  • Over 53 Million Oxycodone prescriptions are filled each year.
  • Drugs are divided into several groups, depending on how they are used.
  • Overdoses caused by painkillers are more common than heroin and cocaine overdoses combined.
  • Among teens, prescription drugs are the most commonly used drugs next to marijuana, and almost half of the teens abusing prescription drugs are taking painkillers.
  • Hallucinogen rates have risen by over 30% over the past twenty years.
  • Methadone is commonly used in the withdrawal phase from heroin.
  • People who use marijuana believe it to be harmless and want it legalized.
  • Crystal meth comes in clear chunky crystals resembling ice and is most commonly smoked.
  • Rock, Kryptonite, Base, Sugar Block, Hard Rock, Apple Jacks, and Topo (Spanish) are popular terms used for Crack Cocaine.
  • Nearly 23 Million people need treatment for chemical dependency.
  • Underage Drinking: Alcohol use by anyone under the age of 21. In the United States, the legal drinking age is 21.
  • Adolf von Baeyer, the creator of barbiturates, won a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1905 for his work in in chemical research.
  • In 2014, Mexican heroin accounted for 79 percent of the total weight of heroin analyzed under the HSP. The United States was the country in which heroin addiction first became a serious problem.
  • Since 2000, non-illicit drugs such as oxycodone, fentanyl and methadone contribute more to overdose fatalities in Utah than illicit drugs such as heroin.
  • Heroin is usually injected into a vein, but it's also smoked ('chasing the dragon'), and added to cigarettes and cannabis. The effects are usually felt straightaway. Sometimes heroin is snorted the effects take around 10 to 15 minutes to feel if it's used in this way.
  • The poppy plant, from which heroin is derived, grows in mild climates around the world, including Afghanistan, Mexico, Columbia, Turkey, Pakistan, India Burma, Thailand, Australia, and China.
  • Ketamine hydrochloride, or 'K,' is a powerful anesthetic designed for use during operations and medical procedures.
  • Rohypnol (The Date Rape Drug) is more commonly known as "roofies".

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