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Top 10 Cities in California to Attend Addiction Treatment

Top 10 Cities in California to Attend Addiction Treatment

If you are looking for the best addiction treatment in California, you’re in a good place. Plenty of treatment centers are available in California, all across the state. Take a look at the Top 10 cities in California hosting excellent addiction treatment centers.

1. Malibu

You might think you’ve wandered into paradise when you stroll down the miles of perfect beaches that make up Malibu, but this famous coastline town is actually home to almost two dozen centers for addiction treatment, many of them as luxurious as a five-star hotel.

Several of the Malibu treatment centers also offer partial hospitalization and halfway house facilities. Many of the addiction treatment centers in Malibu offer dual diagnosis treatment for those who are simultaneously battling mental health disorders, and some offer detox using buprenorphine.

Malibu, California Drug Rehab

Both inpatient and outpatient options are available throughout Malibu, with some centers gearing their treatment toward specific populations, including the LGBT community, older adults, and adolescents.

2. Irvine

The addiction treatment centers in Irvine tend to focus on specific populations, gearing their services toward their unique needs. Different treatment centers in the area focus on treating adolescents, the LGBT community, the Korean community, and clients referred from the courts and judicial system.

Irvine’s rehab centers are under the jurisdiction of Orange County Adult and Older Adult Behavioral Health Services. This department’s services range from intervention and assessment to outreach to schools. A Perinatal Program provides medically appropriate treatment to pregnant women who are IV drug users.

Irvine California Treatment Center

3. Los Angeles

As the second-largest city in the nation, it’s not surprising that Los Angeles is home to more than 200 addiction treatment centers. L.A. is also a hub of the illegal drug trade, and some sections of the city are plagued by gangs that exacerbate the situation.

The County of Los Angeles focuses its efforts on prevention, treatment, recovery, and disposal of prescription drugs. Perhaps as a result of this focus, prescription drug abuse is not as serious a problem in Los Angeles as in other major cities. However, abuse of marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine has a significant effect on the health care system in the city, driving many people to seek treatment. As a result, addiction treatment centers are located across the wide landscape that makes up Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Treatment Center

Many of the addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles focus on people with dual diagnoses and are able to treat mental health and substance abuse issues simultaneously. Treatment centers range from long-term and short-term residential inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment, halfway houses, and sober living centers. Many centers treat women only, men only, adolescents only, or seniors only, providing a unique level of focus, and several centers are available to serve the specific needs of the Asian-American community. In addition, specialized services are available to treat the LGBT community, patients with HIV or AIDS, and clients referred from the criminal justice system, including DUI and DWI offenders.

4. San Diego

As one of the largest cities in California, San Diego has a substance abuse problem to match, with over 9 percent of the adult and teen population in need of some sort of treatment for addiction.

Because of these numbers, the city’s Superior Court system has established a Drug Court, which has the authority to order people into treatment as a way to avoid going to jail.

San Diego has also invested heavily in prevention efforts within schools, and it has worked hard to provide funding for various aftercare programs and facilities.

San Diego Substance Abuse Treatment

The city hosts more than 100 addiction treatment centers, which offer long-term and short-term residential treatment as well as outpatient treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, treatment aimed at patients with HIV or AIDS, halfway houses, and sober living houses.

Because of San Diego’s proximity to the border, many of San Diego’s addiction treatment Programs offer treatment in Spanish, and some also feature American Sign Language services. San Diego is also a major military town, and it’s easy to find treatment centers that take military insurance.

5. Corona

The addiction treatment facilities in Corona are under the supervision of Riverside County Family Court Services, which requires licensing and certification in all facilities. Many of Corona’s treatment centers provide treatment for people referred from the court system, including for DUI offenders.

In addition, services are available at various treatment facilities for those who speak Spanish or American Sign Language. Pregnant and post-partum women can find inpatient and outpatient treatment at Corona’s rehab facilities, and teens and adolescents also have specialized treatment options available.

Corona, California Rehabs

Some facilities offer sliding fee scales for those who don’t have adequate private insurance to cover treatment, and several of the city’s facilities also accept Medicare or Medicaid. Older adults and people with co-occurring mental health issues also have dedicated treatment options available.

6. San Jose

While parts of greater San Jose are quite prosperous, notably because of the wealth of Silicon Valley, the area has a significant problem with drug abuse, with more than 40 percent of the population trying illegal drugs before the age of 25.

The Santa Clara Valley Department of Alcohol and Drug Services runs drug courts for adults and minors; these courts encourage people to enter treatment, with the promise that criminal charges will be dropped if they complete treatment. In addition, the county offers suboxone treatment for people battling opioid addictions.

Drug Addiction Treatment in San Jose, California

Dozens of drug rehab centers in San Jose are available for those who do seek treatment. These include outpatient care and long-term residential inpatient treatment, as well as halfway houses and sober living centers. Some treatment centers focus on women and adolescents only, providing beds for the children of patients when needed. Programs are also available in a variety of Asian languages, as well as Spanish. Dual diagnosis treatment is available for those with co-occurring mental health conditions, and sliding fee schedules are offered by many treatment centers.

7. Orange

The city of Orange sits, not surprisingly, in the heart of Orange County, and its drug treatment programs are overseen by Orange County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services. With almost two dozen addiction rehabs located in Orange, treatment services are available to a large population.

The focus of many of Orange’s facilities is long-term residential treatment, which has been shown to be the most effective approach when dealing with drug addiction. Among the many facilities in Orange are several that take in criminal justice clients who are referred for treatment by the courts.

Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in Orange, Ca

In addition, those who need special therapy programs and groups because of dual diagnosis situations can find multiple choices available. Specialized programs are also available for deaf patients, pregnant and post-partum women, Spanish speakers, and the LGBT community, as well as for those in need of halfway house or sober living center services.

4. Mission Viejo

Nestled in Orange County’s Saddleback Valley, this city has a population of 96,000-plus. The drug abuse trend in Mission Viejo strongly depicts young people who are addicted to prescription opioids inevitably evolving to heroin addictions rapidly. As fatalities from prescription opioids continue to rise, heroin overdoses among young people have nearly doubled in recent years.

There are four drug treatment centers in Mission Viejo mainly focused on Outpatient Treatment for Co-occurring Mental and Substance Abuse Treatment Programs with services for Spanish and hard of hearing available.

Drug Addiction Treatment in Mission Viejo, Ca

It is very common with addicts to suffer from some mental disorders. Some turned to drugs to cope with a mental disorder while others have mental disorders brought on by their addictions. Co-occurring Treatment is a very effective way to help those suffering from addiction.

9. Long Beach

The 55 addiction treatment centers in Long Beach are a significant part of the efforts to combat drug problems in the port city, where thousands of people battle addictions to heroin, crack cocaine, and prescription drugs.

Several of Long Beach’s addiction treatment programs focus on specific people groups, including Native Americans, Cambodians, and veterans. In addition, some Long Beach high schools host outpatient treatment centers to help the teens there who have addiction issues. Specific treatment centers are also available to focus on breaking an addiction to alcohol.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery in Long Beach, Ca

Many treatment centers are available to treat people with HIV or AIDS, those with dual diagnoses of co-occurring mental health issues, the LGBT community, and seniors. In addition, outpatient and inpatient residential services are available to treat criminal justice clients referred from the court system, and many of these take Medicaid, Medicare, military insurance, and other state-funded health insurance.

At some treatment centers, beds are available for the children of the patients being treated, and pregnant and post-partum women are also treated at some of these centers.

10. San Francisco

San Francisco was once known as a hotbed of drug culture, but through the decades, its reputation has turned around. While it’s now a center of healthy living, with its residents more likely to indulge in a hot yoga class or a kale salad than the hallucinogens once associated with the city, it still has a significant addiction problem, with 137 alcohol rehab centers, addiction treatment centers, drug treatment programs, and rehabilitation clinics located within the city.

Many of San Francisco’s centers for addiction treatment focus on people with dual diagnoses and in need of both substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Drug Addiction Rehab in San Francisco, Ca

Many of the treatment centers are able to communicate with those who speak Spanish, American Sign Language, and other languages. A wide variety of payment options are available at San Francisco’s addiction treatment centers, with many taking Medicare, Medicaid, military insurance, and state-financed health insurance plans.

Some clinics are also willing to offer fees on a sliding scale, and a few have payment assistance available to needy clients. Some centers provide methadone detox and maintenance treatment, with buprenorphine also utilized in patient treatment. Specialized treatment is available for people with HIV and AIDs and also for pregnant and post-partum women.

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