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Top 6 Cities in Colorado for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Top 6 Cities in Colorado for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Top 6 Colorado Cities for Addiction Treatment

According to U.S. News and World Report, Colorado is ranked second in the nation in illegal drug abuse and has the unique title as the state in which teenagers abuse drugs more than anywhere else in the United States. Because of the state’s proximity to the forefront of the illicit drug epidemic, it’s more important than ever that Colorado offers a wide selection of comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities for the growing number of addicts across the state.

If you or a loved one find yourself in need of drug or alcohol rehabilitation in Colorado, you have options in high-quality treatment facilities to help you onto the road to recovery. Here are the seven top cities for drug and alcohol rehab throughout the state of Colorado:

1. Colorado Springs Addiction Treatment

Caught in the crossfire of the growing national opioid epidemic, Colorado Springs has a high rate of heroin addiction. Colorado Springs also yields a frightening high rate of drug and alcohol abuse among teens.

With over 150 options for recovery from drugs and alcohol in Colorado Springs, including luxury rehab facilities, city-run treatment centers and both a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient recovery options, getting the best addiction treatment in Colorado Springs is ideal. There are plenty of residential (inpatient) rehab centers in the Colorado Springs area, agreed upon by the treatment community to be the more comprehensive approach to addiction.

Colorado Springs Drug Rehabs

The Colorado Springs government and community alike has acknowledged that addiction is a disease, not a character flaw, fostering an environment ripe for recovery in the city’s many rehab options, both private and public.

2. Brighton Treatment for Substance Abuse

Although a smaller city than many on this list, Brighton, Colorado comes in at number 2 due to its alarming number of teen drug abusers and addicts.

Hosting 9 different treatment facilities aimed at helping those addicted to drugs and alcohol, from inpatient programs focusing on mental health to outpatient counseling services offering aftercare to reduce relapses after release from a rehab program.

Top-Rated Treatment Facilities:

Brighton, Colorado Drug Rehab Centers

  • Bridge Street Counseling is the flagship mental health and substance abuse center in Brighton, Colorado. Although it’s an outpatient center, Bridge Street takes pride in helping the cities addicts get clean in a setting that fosters recovery and self-understanding.
  • Ideas Directed at Eliminating Abuse is one of the cities key facilities servicing adolescent drug and alcohol abusers, as well as adults.

Most of Brighton, Colorado’s drug and alcohol rehab facilities are equally specialized, so whether you’re looking for inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, faith-based rehab or a luxury facility, Brighton has options to fit your needs.

3. Aurora Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

Aurora, Colorado comes up at the third spot on the list, due mainly to its alarming overdose statistics. Known as the state’s epicenter of overdoses, more Aurora residents die each year of drug overdoses than car accidents.

For one of the state’s most diverse cities, only a diverse selection of drug and alcohol treatment options in Aurora, CO would do. From fitness-based recovery programs, to nutritional therapy, addicts in Aurora have practically unmatched access to some of the state’s best treatment programs.

Aurora, Colorado Drug Rehabs

Of the 55 options in Aurora, Colorado for substance abuse treatment, most are outpatient programs dealing with different groups and treatment strategies. These include treatment facilities focusing on certain demographic, age and health-specific groups, including rehab centers for youth and adolescent drug and alcohol users, as well as centers that focus on mental health based recovery strategies and medical detox.

Drug and alcohol addicts should attempt to spend 30 to 90 days in a residential treatment facility, however outpatient programs can be an adequate substitute given time and cost restraints.

4. Denver Detox & Addiction Treatment

Denver is a large, urban center which is expected to be a hotbed for drug and alcohol abuse. As the capital of Colorado, one of the worst problems the city faces is teens and young adults abusing inhalants which eventually graduates their drug abuse to harder drugs.

For this reason, Denver works tirelessly with a large part of the 161 drug and alcohol rehab facilities spread throughout city limits. Of these facilities, many are outpatient and intervention-based.

Denver, Colorado Addiction Rehabs

City institutions often have strained resources and have to be able to help the city’s most impoverished drug addicts, so these centers run on a low overhead and therefore don’t have the budget to run residential facilities. Although the majority of the addiction recovery centers in Denver are outpatient, there does exist several residential treatment centers, though the proportion is lower here than in other, smaller cities.

Denver supports its diverse population with a diverse array of treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction. With specialized rehab facilities serving specific demographic groups like LGBTQ+ addicts, as well as different age groups, Denver is able to prevent drug use using outpatient intervention programs sucessfully.

If you or a loved one find yourself searching for a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Denver, you’ll find out Denver directory of treatment facilities useful.

5. Loveland Treatment for Alcoholism & Addiction

Coming in at 5th on the list, Loveland, Colorado is just south of Fort Collins, and is relatively a small, remote location which makes it a perfect place for drug and alcohol addicts to seek the best treatment.

Most of Loveland’s substance abuse treatment centers provide comprehensive, evidence-based outpatient treatment and intervention services.

Highly Reviewed Loveland, CO Addiction Treatment Centers

Loveland, Colorado

  • In an effort to combat the growing trend of teen drug abuse, Loveland, Colorado offers treatment facilities for drug addiction that specialize in adolescence. These facilities incorporate co-occurring disorder treatment, cognitive based therapy and more.
  • Loveland also dedicates treatment facilities to court-ordered rehab scenarios, such as those entering rehab after a DWI charge. Facilities must be adequately qualified in these cases, because non-voluntary rehab cases exhibit a lower efficacy rate.

6. Glenwood Springs Addiction Treatment

Glenwood Springs picturesque setting is an ideal location for an alcohol and drug rehab. Hosting some of the top-rated addiction treatment programs, Glenwood Springs also boasts the Valley View Hospital’s youth recovery center, where minors dealing with drug and alcohol abuse can get the customized help they need. Finding the best treatment programs in Glenwood Springs is important and dependent on a number of variables. Inpatient and outpatient treatment services in Glenwood Springs, CO are available and many of them cater to all kinds of challenges.

Glenwood Springs Addiction Rehabs

Colorado Top Rated Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and looking for comprehensive addiction treatment in Colorado, you’re not alone. The state is full of top-quality, state-of-the-art facilities, both inpatient and outpatient to choose from in nearly every corner of the map.

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