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Drug Rehab for Women

Drug Rehab for Women

Why drug rehab for women is better than jail. Risky behaviors lead to trouble with the law.

drug rehab for women drug rehab for women

Drug Rehab for Women

Drug addiction is a serious epidemic that continues to sweep the nation, and it does not just affect the addict; it affects every aspect of life. Problems with work, social and family lives will arise, as well as the decline of mental and physical health. Most addicts, in order to continue the high or maintain normality will resort to engaging in impulsive or risky behaviors. The behaviors might include stealing, having unprotected sex or using while pregnant, all of which are punishable by law. There are ways to control those behaviors in order to live a healthier life and avoid trouble with the law. California drug rehab for women is better than jail time; treatments are covered by healthcare providers, patients can enjoy the freedom to come and go and there will be no fines or felonies on record.

Current or Expectant Mothers Face Felony Charges for Drug Addiction

The United States court system and government passed laws allowing the incarceration of current or expectant mothers for substance addiction. In 2015, Amber Brianna Smith, was imprisoned after pleading guilty to child negligence.
Smith, who has six children and a history of mental health disorders, began abusing drugs in 2007. She started using crack and meth and in order to fund her addiction, she worked various jobs, such as McDonald’s, Arby’s and the occasional strip club. After having three children, all of whom tested positive for drugs at birth, social workers suggested Smith take parenting classes or her children get taken away. By 2010, the Department of Human Services removed some children from her care.
In 2013, Smith gave birth to her seventh child who tested positive for meth. Smith admitted to using drugs while she was pregnant and her son was taken away and placed into state custody. In April 2015, Smith was sentenced to six years in prison and five years on probation for neglecting her child by using methamphetamines during her pregnancy.
Had Smith been informed about the Affordable Care Act’s program that requires all healthcare providers to provide coverage for mental health disorder and substance addiction treatment, she could have avoided jail time, kept custody of her children and learned to control maladaptive behaviors.

Recognizing California’s Best Women’s Drug Rehab Centers

California is one of the best states in the nation to receive addiction treatment. With over 840 miles of coastline, it has approximately 300 residential and 500 outpatient treatment centers. Each center offers a variety of services that will help people achieve sobriety and maintain recovery outside of treatment. Some centers cater to specific genders or ages, but most offer programs for addicts from all walks of life. Because there are so many treatment facilities in California, doing research on a facility before being admitted is highly recommended.
Start the search with the credibility of the facility itself. The facility should be accredited by the Golden Seal of Excellence or have certification from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and the Association of Intervention Specialists. The staff must also be able to provide their credentials and professional licenses upon request. The facility staff should be a blend of board-certified doctors, nurses and rehab clinicians, as well as licensed therapists, psychiatrists and nutritionists. The wider the variety of staff, the more treatment options the treatment center can offer.
An addiction treatment center that offers many different program options will give the best opportunity to achieve recovery and maintain sobriety. Beginning with where the treatment will begin to what support groups to attend after treatment, addiction treatment centers should provide different options that meet each and every patient’s unique and individual needs.
A great addiction treatment center will provide as many options as possible in order to ensure a successful recovery and long-lasting sobriety. Women’s drug rehab centers will also promote open and honest communication, as well as healthy living, teach patients how to regain control of life and prepare patients to face temptation and peer pressure. Besides achieving sobriety, the best things a California treatment center can offer is an increase in self-esteem and a new outlook on life.

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