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Top 10 Cities in the US to get Treatment for Addiction

Top 10 Cities in the US to get Treatment for Addiction

Top 10 US Cities for Drug Rehab

When choosing where to seek treatment for addiction, consider traveling to a place that is new and contrasted to what you are used to. Difference in surroundings, environment, and even climate can help substantiate the possibility of change for someone newly entering sobriety. Here is a countdown of some of the top cities in the United States for recovery and features of their outstanding treatment facilities.

1. Estes Park, Colorado

Seek recovery in the Rockies, as the mountain air of Estes Park, Colorado cleanses you inside and out. With a small population of about 6,000, Estes Park is more of a town than a city.

The location of the Rocky Mountain National Park Headquarters, this town is right on the foothills with awe-inspiring views at 7,522 feet elevation. Stay cool, as summer highs average in the 70s, while you heal in the ancient energy of the mountains.

Estes Park, CO Drug Rehab

One of the most notable treatment centers in Estes Park, Colorado is Harmony Foundation. Their facility is nestled in the astonishing nature of the area, styled as a mountain lodge— think luxury cabin. They cover every aspect of care, offering detox, residential, aftercare, and more, all focused on the traditional therapeutic models of addiction treatment and supplemented with things like yoga and acupuncture.

2. Bel Air, Havre de Grace, Maryland

Havre de Grace in northern Maryland is not the first place that might come to mind, a small town off the Chesapeake Bay, but its isolation is one of the town’s key advantages in treatment.

Here, the rich green earth scenically meets the bay’s calm, blue waters. With the town’s quaint charm and stunning nature, recovery is written across Havre de Grace’s broad and picturesque horizon.

Treatment centers in Bel Air, Havre de Grace, MD include a state of the art treatment center called Ashley Addiction Treatment that sits on a 147-acre campus of flourishing, green land.

Bel Air, Havre de Grace, Maryland Treatment Center

The level of care they provide is optimal in all aspects, covering a wide spectrum of medical, holistic, clinical, and psychological approaches to addiction recovery. They give special attention to developing mindfulness and expressive ability through music and art therapy, in addition to the more traditional therapeutic techniques.

3. Naples, Florida

One of the wealthiest cities in the entire country, Naples, Florida has some cutting edge treatment centers. Naples is incredibly picturesque, on the tropical southwestern coast of Florida, with some of the most ravishingly beautiful beaches you have ever seen.

Find recovery along this bright blue coast, with your feet in pale sands, under swaying palms trees. A gem among the addiction treatment centers in Naples, Fl is Hazelden Betty Ford Center.

Naples, Florida Treatment Centers

With centers across the country, their Naples location is a winner with some serious swank. Blocks away from the beach, with a high-end modern aesthetic, it’s a beautiful place to start recovery. They have short and long-term residential, outpatient, sober living, and unique programs that specialize in treating mature adults and seniors.

4. Wasilla, Alaska

Wasilla, Alaska offers a setting of glacial peace for recovery, filled with wintery pines, snowy mountains to the northeast and southeast, looking over lakes and the Knick River.

The crisp, cold air and extraordinary sights of “the last frontier” will refresh you as you dawn your own frontier of sobriety. Adventure into the wild journey of your own recovery.

Wasilla, Alaska Substance Abuse Treatment

While there are a handful of worthy treatment centers in Wasilla, Alaska, Nugen’s Ranch is a unique option to consider. Offering long-term residential treatment for up to as long as two years, they focus on work therapy, fostering a sense of family-like community and purpose. This is in addition, of course, to the standard therapeutic models of addiction education, counseling, and group work.

5. Huntington Beach, O.C. California

Huntington Beach, in California’s Orange County, offers a coastal retreat to explore recovery. The beaches of southern California are some of the world’s most beautiful. Meditate on the ocean — more immense than any person, fear, hope, or dream — in reprieve from life’s stresses.

The mild weather and scenic landscape make for a perfect place to begin the healing journey of recovery. With each crashing wave, the pain and hurt of addiction can be washed away a bit more.

Huntington Beach, O.C. California Drug Rehab

Among the Huntington Beach, California luxury recovery communities, Seacliff Recovery Center is a highlight with their beautifully furnished home residences minutes away from miles of uninterrupted beach. They offer inpatient, outpatient, sober living, and an abundance of holistic options that treat the client’s entire life system in body, mind, and soul.

6. Marion, Montana

Perhaps an unexpected location for treatment, not quite a city and barely a town, Marion is nestled in the quiet and boundless Montana wild. Just near Little Bitterroot Lake, view majestic mountain ranges from a distance and over the water.

The stretch of flatland gives way for huge breathtaking skies and fresh air, far from any big cities, that will cleanse the soul. With a population of under a thousand people, the escape and isolation needed for recovery is abound.

Marion, Montana Drug Rehab

You can explore the thrilling wilderness of Marion, Montana in treatment, as the unique Wilderness Treatment Center located there is formatted around nature expeditions. They focus on discovery and experience as a method for healing from substance abuse. Designed to cater to young men and teens, this company puts addiction specialists to work with wilderness instructors to meld wilderness therapy with traditional inpatient care.

7. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is a desert escape with huge open skies stretching across the flat Valley of the Sun. Leave behind the darkness in your past and step into the purifying desert sunshine.

Known for its wealth and serene terrain, Scottsdale is a vacation get away for many celebrities. The stunning sunsets here will heal you a little each night, amidst the strange beauty of cacti and calming pale colors of this quiet landscape.

Scottsdale, Arizona Treatment Centers

There are quite a few quality treatment options in Scottsdale to choose from. Following suit with Scottsdale’s chique desert style, A Better Today is one to consider. Their inpatient program offers luxury housing out among peaceful desert views, along with detox assistance, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, addiction education, and life coaching. They also offer other therapeutic options such as yoga, equine therapy, therapeutic poetry, and art therapy.

8. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is lush and green with trees and flora everywhere, a forest wonderland of the Pacific Northwest. Flourishing with life and color, surrounded by surging rivers, waterfalls, and deep forests, this is a rejuvenating place to heal. Enjoy the temperate climate teetering between oceanic and Mediterranean features, wet enough to keep even the sidewalks green!

Portland has over 100 treatment centers, many that emphasize holistic treatment, incorporating hypnosis, EMDR, Chinese medicine, and more in the recovery process.

Quest Center for Integrative Health, while only providing outpatient services, is a lovely option that serves all and caters to LGBTQ individuals. They specialize in holistic treatment techniques such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture, yoga, and nutrition, truly dedicated to helping clients achieve balance and peace physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

9. Austin, Texas

Keep recovery weird in Austin, Texas! Okay, recovery isn’t actually that weird in Austin, but the town supposedly is. Bursting with art and music, Austin also has an abundance of natural beauty to offer with boating and other water fun on the Colorado River and surrounding lakes, as well as tons of outdoor rock climbing in the city’s big beautiful parks.

The climate displaying a perfect mix of desert and tropical elements, you will enjoy long summers and short, mild winters throughout your recovery.

Austin, Texas Drug Rehabs

There are many great centers for addiction treatment in Austin, Tx, Austin Recovery being a particular highlight. Their facility offers short-term residential for 30 days; the “Journey Program,” which is long-term residential that lasts 90 days; and the Family House, a safe place where mothers can come with a young child to recover.

10. Quincy, Massachusetts

Not quite a big city or a small town, Quincy, Massachusetts is a wonderful place for addiction treatment.

With Boston next door and the ocean practically at your doorstep, start your recovery in the fresh sea air of New England. You can begin again as you experience every full season of the year, the leaves changing amidst the gorgeous colonial buildings of this city.

There are several choice treatment options in Quincy, Ma, an exceptional one being Northeast Addictions Treatment Center (http://www.neaddictions.com/).

They offer residential treatment with no predetermined length of stay so that each individual case can be uniquely assessed, as well as intensive and weaning levels of outpatient care. The care is top shelf and so is the facility; their elegant and modern style ensures the comfort of clients.

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