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Gresham, Oregon has a total of 4 drug rehab listing(s) containing information on alcohol rehab centers, addiction treatment centers, drug treatment programs, and rehabilitation clinics within the city. Contact us if you have a facility in Gresham, Oregon and would like to share it in our directory. Additional information about specific Gresham listings is available by phoning our toll free rehab helpline at 866-720-3784.

Dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction is devastating for the affected individuals, their loved ones, and the entire community. Luckily, in Gresham, OR, help is out there. This usually starts with an intervention, as those who have an addiction are generally the last ones to admit it. However, what matters is that the help is available, and that those with a substance abuse problem use it.

Statistics on Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Gresham, OR

Like anywhere else in the country, Gresham has some significant problems when it comes to substance abuse. Unfortunately, Oregon as a state compares very unfavorably to the rest of the country, ranking 4th in terms of drug use during the past month for those over the age of 12. Furthermore, drug use seems to be particularly indiscriminate of age in the state. It is also a major criminal justice problem, with around 23% of the prison population being incarcerated due to drug-related offenses. Additionally, street drugs are readily available across the state.

If you require help for a drug or alcohol addiction in Gresham, OR, there are a number of different centers available, such as:

  • The Portland Metro Treatment Center
  • Legacy Mount Hood Rehab Center
  • Coda Gresham Recovery Center

Getting Help for Substance Abuse Problems in Gresham, OR

If you have gone through an intervention and are ready to accept treatment, you will first have to go through a period of detox. This means that your body completely gets rid of any remaining toxins and chemicals. This period is often very uncomfortable and is characterized by strong withdrawal symptoms. It is vital, therefore, that this is medically supported. Without this support, people are more likely to return to their chosen substance, which is the point at which they are very susceptible to overdose.

After detox, you will be ready for rehab. There are many different rehab centers around, ranging from state-sponsored outpatient facilities where you will go around three times per week for a few hours, to luxury private facility with five star chefs and Egyptian cotton linen, where you will reside for up to 120 days. Every addiction is unique and the help someone needs to get sober is equally individual and unique. It is very important, therefore, that you consider which amenities are important to you.

In terms of payment, insurance carriers will cover at least some of the cost of treatment. However, this is generally not enough. Grants and payment plans are available, however, so don't let the cost of rehab put you off. After all, not seeking treatment will cost you a lot more, potentially even your life.

After rehab, you should get aftercare. Again, what this entails will vary depending on your individual journey. However, services such as cognitive behavior therapy, halfway houses, and 12 step programs are commonly seen. Aftercare programs are there to make sure that once you are on the right path, you can remain on it. At the same time, they will help you get back on track if you relapse.

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Drug Facts

  • Paint thinner and glue can cause birth defects similar to that of alcohol.
  • Steroids can cause disfiguring ailments such as baldness in girls and severe acne in all who use them.
  • The phrase 'dope fiend' was originally coined many years ago to describe the negative side effects of constant cocaine use.
  • Statistics say that prohibition made Alcohol abuse worse, with more people drinking more than ever.
  • Crack causes a short-lived, intense high that is immediately followed by the oppositeintense depression, edginess and a craving for more of the drug.
  • 90% of Americans with a substance abuse problem started smoking marijuana, drinking or using other drugs before age 18.
  • Methamphetamine increases the amount of the neurotransmitter dopamine, leading to high levels of that chemical in the brain.
  • 50% of adolescents mistakenly believe that prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs.
  • Benzodiazepines ('Benzos'), like brand-name medications Valium and Xanax, are among the most commonly prescribed depressants in the US.
  • 3 Million people in the United States have been prescribed Suboxone to treat opioid addiction.
  • A young German pharmacist called Friedrich Sertrner (1783-1841) had first applied chemical analysis to plant drugs, by purifying in 1805 the main active ingredient of opium
  • 75% of most designer drugs are consumed by adolescents and younger adults.
  • Heroin tablets manufactured by The Fraser Tablet Companywere marketed for the relief of asthma.
  • Rates of illicit drug use is highest among those aged 18 to 25.
  • Between 2006 and 2010, 9 out of 10 antidepressant patents expired, resulting in a huge loss of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Alcohol is the number one substance-related cause of depression in people.
  • Never, absolutely NEVER, buy drugs over the internet. It is not as safe as walking into a pharmacy. You honestly do not know what you are going to get or who is going to intervene in the online message.
  • Abused by an estimated one in five teens, prescription drugs are second only to alcohol and marijuana as the substances they use to get high.
  • 90% of deaths from poisoning are directly caused by drug overdoses.

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