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Toledo, OH, like every other part of the country, has a significant problem with drug, alcohol, and other forms of substance abuse. In fact, some 15,134 people use marijuana, 6.627 abuse prescription medication, 2,480 are addicted to cocaine, 1,125 use hallucinogenics, 632 use inhalants, and 149 are addicted to heroin. Furthermore, 87 people are expected to die this year as a result of alcohol abuse, 17 due to drunk driving, and 17 due to illicit drug abuse.

Toledo Drug and Alcohol Issues

There are a number of specific concerns in terms of drug and alcohol abuse in Toledo. One is cocaine, which has long been readily available in the region, and the number of people getting addicted to cocaine continues to increase. Furthermore, a significant issue is that the quality of cocaine is becoming worse, which is leading to various health concerns.

Speed Balling

One of the associated problems with this is that those who are also addicted to heroin will "speed ball", which means they combine heroin and cocaine and use it intravenously. This is a danger in and off itself, but with the poor quality of cocaine, it has led to an increase in hospital admissions and overdose. In fact, actor John Belushi died as a consequence of this.

Users Start Young

Toledo has also raised concerns about the fact that many people who report having a cocaine addiction, first started experimenting with the substance when they were just 12. Furthermore, it seems to be indiscriminate of gender, ethnicity, or social background. Crack cocaine also continues to be readily available and highly abused. Fortunately, there is less concern about young people becoming addicted to the substance.

Heroin Epidemic in Toledo

The heroin epidemic that is gripping the country, meanwhile, is also noticed in Toledo, and community professionals are trying to put efforts in place to address it. It is hoped that, through education and intervention, fewer people will be tempted to use the substance. However, with prescription medication becoming more difficult to access, people are turning to heroin instead. Interestingly, a funeral home in Toledo is leading the way in this, having started a huge awareness campaign on billboards, television, and radio. Law enforcement professionals, meanwhile, carry four doses of Narcan as standard. Meanwhile, the Wood County Jail now offers medically assisted detox for heroin addicts. Rehab and detox facilities, meanwhile, are very concerned about the level of needle sharing. Unfortunately, it seems to be very difficult for people to have access to clean needles, and this has led to an increase in HIV and hepatitis as well.

Toledo presents reasonably similar problems with addiction as other parts of the country. However, they have a particular concern in terms of community efforts to help curb the levels of substance abuse. The campaign organized by the funeral home has been highly appreciated, and the community is looking for other organizations to join in similar efforts to have a greater impact overall. At present, Toledo still takes too much of a criminalization approach, rather than a treatment approach, it seems.

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Drug Facts

  • Today, it remains a very problematic and popular drug, as it's cheap to produce and much cheaper to purchase than powder cocaine.
  • A syringe of morphine was, in a very real sense, a magic wand,' states David Courtwright in Dark Paradise. '
  • More than 10 percent of U.S. children live with a parent with alcohol problems.
  • Nitrates are also inhalants that come in the form of leather cleaners and room deodorizers.
  • Only 50 of the 2,500 types of Barbiturates created in the 20th century were employed for medicinal purposes.
  • Heroin is a drug that is processed from morphine.
  • Ritalin is the common name for methylphenidate, classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule II narcoticthe same classification as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines.
  • The majority of youths aged 12 to 17 do not perceive a great risk from smoking marijuana.
  • When injected, Ativan can cause damage to cardiovascular and vascular systems.
  • Coca is one of the oldest, most potent and most dangerous stimulants of natural origin.
  • The penalties for drug offenses vary from state to state.
  • Nearly 23 Million people are in need of treatment for chemical dependency.
  • According to the Department of Justice, the top destination in the United States for heroin shipments is the Chicago metro area.
  • Bath salts contain man-made stimulants called cathinone's, which are like amphetamines.
  • Over 4 million people have used oxycontin for nonmedical purposes.
  • Mescaline (AKA: Cactus, cactus buttons, cactus joint, mesc, mescal, mese, mezc, moon, musk, topi): occurs naturally in certain types of cactus plants, including the peyote cactus.
  • Stress is the number one factor in drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Out of every 100 people who try, only between 5 and 10 will actually be able to stop smoking on their own.
  • Over 23.5 million people need treatment for illegal drugs.

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