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Drug addiction, alcohol or substance abuse is a kind of chronic disease that is characterized by compulsive, and often uncontrollable urges to seek and use drugs despite the consequences. Some people experience the same problem, but with alcohol instead of drugs. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of substance abuse a person falls victim to in St. Petersburg, Florida, regular use of these dangerous and addictive substances can cause harmful changes in the brain which can sometimes be long-lasting. These brain-based changes can cause a change in behavior for the people who use drug and alcohol substances.

One important thing to remember when learning more about drug intervention and treatment options, is that although the path to drug and alcohol addiction does start with someone voluntarily using that substance, over time, that person's ability to choose becomes hampered by the dangerous habit that has formed.

Is There a Treatment for Substance Abuse or Addiction?

In St. Petersburg, Florida, this problem is the responsibility of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health (SAMH) Program of the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). The Florida Department of Health also works with the DCF towards the goal of decreasing and preventing substance abuse.

From intervention to detox services at professional rehab centers in St. Petersburg, Florida, there are numerous ways in which a case of drug or alcohol abuse can be treated. However, it's important to remember that detox and treatment aren't as simple as they may seem. People often cannot simply stop using drugs for a few days and find that they are cured. Many patients need repeated long-term care to help them recover control of their lives and stop their destructive behavior completely.

Often, addiction treatment at rehab facilities will help people to stop using drugs and detox their system, as well as giving them the tools that they need to avoid drugs in the future, and once again become a productive member of society.

How Is Substance Abuse Treated in St. Petersburg, FL?

Often, the first step in drug or alcohol abuse treatment is an intervention that forces the individual with the problem to recognize the existence of the problem. After that, getting over the addiction will involve a process of detoxification, which allows the body to remove the drug from its system, behavioral counseling which teaches the individual how to respond to stressors that might lead to relapses, and medication. Many rehab and treatment facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida, will also conduct an evaluation of the person suffering from substance abuse to try and pinpoint any co-occurring issues with mental health, such as anxiety or depression.

Additionally, because drug or alcohol abuse can be prone to relapse, the people seeking professional assistance may be required to follow up with their treatment program for the long-term to help ensure that they don't fall back to their old habits.

Finding the Right Treatment in St. Petersburg

The important thing to remember about drug abuse is that it's often an issue that cannot simply be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. Substance abuse is a complicated condition that requires a careful consideration of the specific experience of a particular person. It will require a holistic approach that manages both physical and psychological responses to the substance abuse, and helps the patient to progress positively through the symptom of withdrawal that can come with detox and regular treatment solutions.

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Drug Facts

  • A heroin overdose causes slow and shallow breathing, blue lips and fingernails, clammy skin, convulsions, coma, and can be fatal.
  • In 2010, U.S. Poison Control Centers received 304 calls regarding Bath Salts.
  • Amphetamines are generally swallowed, injected or smoked. They are also snorted.
  • Believe it or not, marijuana is NOT a medicine.
  • 49.8% of those arrested used crack in the past.
  • Studies in 2013 show that over 1.7 million Americans reported using tranquilizers like Ativan for non-medical reasons.
  • Ecstasy is sometimes mixed with substances such as rat poison.
  • In 2003 a total of 4,006 people were admitted to Alaska Drug rehabilitation or Alcohol rehabilitation programs.
  • Over 500,000 individuals have abused Ambien.
  • Over 5 million emergency room visits in 2011 were drug related.
  • The stressful situations that trigger alcohol and drug abuse in women is often more severe than that in men.
  • Alcohol is a sedative.
  • Emergency room admissions from prescription drug abuse have risen by over 130% over the last five years.
  • Approximately 13.5 million people worldwide take opium-like substances (opioids), including 9.2 million who use heroin.
  • Most people use drugs for the first time when they are teenagers. There were just over 2.8 million new users (initiates) of illicit drugs in 2012, or about 7,898 new users per day. Half (52 per-cent) were under 18.
  • Steroid use can lead to clogs in the blood vessels, which can then lead to strokes and heart disease.
  • Drug abuse and addiction changes your brain chemistry. The longer you use your drug of choice, the more damage is done and the harder it is to go back to 'normal' during drug rehab.
  • Cigarettes can kill you and they are the leading preventable cause of death.
  • Of the 500 metric tons of methamphetamine produced, only 4 tons is legally produced for legal medical use.

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