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Top 11 California Cities for Methadone Detox Facilities

Top 11 California Cities for Methadone Detox Facilities

Top 11 California Cities for Methadone Detox Facilities

If you’re looking for methadone detox facilities in California, you’re in luck. All across the state are top drug rehab facilities that help people through detox and into rehab and recovery using methadone.

Methadone, which is used to treat addiction to opioids, including heroin, is on the World Health Organization’s of the essential medications because of its safety and effectiveness. Take a look at the top 11 cities, one of which is sure to be within your reach

1. Methadone Detox Facilities in Bakersfield, California

Heroin addiction is a significant problem in Bakersfield, in part because the drug transportation network in this region of California is well-developed and efficient. In addition, the street price is low, encouraging new users to become addicted, especially when they aren’t able to get the painkillers they need as legitimate medication.Fortunately, there are several significant rehab clinics in Bakersfield, California offering methadone detox and maintenance therapy.

Top Methadone Detox Facilities in Bakersfield, California

In methadone maintenance programs, addicts are able to taper off their use of opioids gradually, with the methadone relieving the craving for heroin, oxycodone, or other opioids. Many of the rehab centers offering methadone detox also treat those with co-occurring mental health disorders, and many are willing to set up sliding fee scales for payment.

2.Methadone Detox Centers in Fresno, California

Fresno, California hosts methadone detox centers catering to inpatient or outpatient needs as well as co-occurring disorders. The city of Fresno’s Department of Behavioral Health has established an approach to providing substance abuse services that has been extraordinarily successful and which is now considered a role model for other cities in California.All rehab centers, detox programs, and other addiction treatment providers are asked to receive training in medication-assisted treatment, such as methadone detox treatment, with a special focus on adolescent patients or those who are tied up in the criminal justice system.

Best Methadone Detox Facilities in Fresno, California

Fresno’s best practices guidelines are widely admired and copied, and the city has been able to expand its substance abuse services significantly, making access easier for those in the area. Methadone detox is available in multiple facilities on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

3. Methadone Detox in Oakland, California

Oakland has a significant opioid addiction problem, in part because of drug smugglers who carry heroin from Mexico to the city. The heroin that arrives in Oakland tends to be pure, which means it can be snorted, making it especially attractive to users who want to avoid the stigma, awkwardness or difficulty of using needles. The result is that new heroin users ingest particularly large amounts, leading rapidly to abuse and addiction.The city of Oakland has a vested interest in helping its citizens to get the detox and rehab treatment they need, offering government-sponsored detox and rehab, including methadone detox options.

Top Rated Oakland, California Methadone Detox Facilities

Methadone Detox Centers in Oakland are are available throughout the city for adolescents, women, criminal justice clients, seniors, people with HIV or AIDS, those with co-occurring mental health disorders, and members of the LGBTQ community.

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4. Methadone Detox in Visalia, California

Substance abuse is a significant problem in Visalia, one of the largest cities in California’s agricultural heartland, the San Joaquin Valley.Fortunately, more than a dozen treatment centers are available, with both inpatient and outpatient options, to help those fighting opioid abuse and in need of methadone treatment.

Methadone treatment is available in Visalia at multiple centers that accept self-payment or payment via Medicaid, as well as offering sliding scale fee arrangements.

In addition, pregnant or post-partum women can find the specialized methadone treatment they need to deal with their opioid addictions.

Visalia, CA methadone detox Facilities

5. Methadone Detox Centers in Inglewood, California

With more than a dozen methadone detox treatment centers in Inglewood, a medium-sized city located in southwest Los Angeles County, those who need assistance coping with a substance abuse problem are sure to find the specific help they need.Many of the treatment centers in Inglewood specialize in methadone treatment, providing both inpatient and outpatient care, including methadone maintenance and outpatient methadone detox.

Top Inglewood, California Methadone Detox Facilities

Some of these centers offer focused programs for adolescents and for pregnant or post-partum women, and a wide variety of payment options are available, including state-financed payment, Medicaid, private health insurance, and self-payment.

6. Stockton, California Methadone Detox

Opioid addiction is at the top of Stockton’s substance abuse problems, with the vast majority of drug-related hospital admissions involving either some form of misused prescription painkiller or heroin. As a result, Stockton formed its Substance Abuse Services department, which provides its own residential and outpatient treatment centers, coordinates all treatment programs in San Joaquin County, and reaches out to those with co-occurring mental health disorders.In addition, the city provides databases of all available detox and rehab facilities to help its citizens find the help they and their loved ones need.

Stockton, CA methadone detox Facilities

Methadone detox and maintenance programs in Stockton are available with serveral payment options like Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance, military health insurance, Access to Recovery vouchers, and self-payment. Specialized treatment programs focus on helping seniors, people with AIDS or HIV, pregnant women, and the LGBT community.

7. Merced, California Methadone Detox Centers

A dozen addiction treatment centers are available to help those struggling with opioid abuse problems in Merced, a San Joaquin Valley city that’s home to California’s newest University of California campus.Methadone detox and maintenance programs in Merced, Ca are available at several of these treatment facilities, with special care given to pregnant and post-partum women. Methadone maintenance, in fact, is a treatment of choice for pregnant women who are addicted to opioids. In addition, Merced’s methadone treatment programs focus on those with co-occurring mental health disorders, and many accept Medicare and Medicaid.

Top Merced, California Methadone Detox Facilities

8. Oxnard, California Methadone Detox Facilities

It’s easy to look at the sleepy beach-side town of Oxnard and think there couldn’t possibly be a drug problem here, but the city’s ocean views hide a growing issue with painkiller abuse. Oxnard’s substance abuse problem centers mainly on misuse of prescription opioids.Since so often those addicted to opioids go on to use heroin, the city has developed a series of initiatives to educate its youth about the dangers of substance abuse through the Ventura County Behavioral Health Youth Services department.

In addition, Oxnard supports training of new intervention specialists, including for interventions ordered by the court.

Oxnard, CA methadone detox Facilities

The city even sponsors celebrations for those who have completed treatment, and it encourages aftercare to make sure those success stories stay on the positive side of the line. Oxnard encourages those seeking treatment to choose residential inpatient treatment whenever possible. Oxard, California’s methadone detox facilities are sprinkled throughout multiple inpatient facilities.

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9. Chico, California Methadone Detox

Among the many addiction treatment facilities in the northern California university town of Chico are specialized venues that focus on helping Native Americans, pregnant women, and those with co-occurring mental health disorders. The Butte County Department of Behavior Health sponsors several outpatient clinics that accept payment via Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance, military health insurance and self-payment, with sliding fees available based on income in some cases.Chico offers methadone detox treatment, both on an inpatient and outpatient basis at private treatment centers.

Top Chico, California Methadone Detox Facilities

These same centers also are prepared to help those with co-occurring mental health disorders, pregnant women, and people with HIV or AIDS.

10. Methadone Detox Centers in Marysville, California

In Marysville, the county seat of Yuba County and part of the greater Sacramento area, both religious-based and other private addiction treatment facilities are available to help those trying to beat opioid addictions.Several treatment centers in Marysville, California offer methadone detox and maintenance on an outpatient basis. These centers treat other forms of substance abuse as well, with specialized treatment available for pregnant women and for people with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Marysville, CA methadone detox Facilities

Payment options include self-payment, private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and other state-sponsored health insurance. In addition, sliding fee scales may be available for those who need help with payment.

11. Methadone Detox Facilities in El Monte, California

Opioid addiction has recently been increasing in El Monte, a suburb to the east of Los Angeles, and hospital admissions for heroin-related issues are also on the rise. The city of El Monte has responded by supporting addiction treatment centers and hotlines to let those struggling with addiction be connected to real help quickly. El Monte also provides help to those who want to stage interventions to try to help their addicted loved ones.
Top El Monte, California Methadone Detox Facilities

Different treatment centers focus on unique demographics including the Hispanic community, those from the LGBT community, and patients referred from the California court system. The El Monte centers offering methadone detox and methadone maintenance programs do so primarily on an outpatient basis, with a wide variety of payment options available and Spanish-speaking staff on hand to communicate with locals.

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