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Top 10 Cities in Utah for Substance Abuse Treatment

Top 10 Cities in Utah for Substance Abuse Treatment

Top 10 Cities in Utah for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Despite the reputation of having a wholesome lifestyle, Utah residents are currently experiencing epidemic proportions of prescription painkiller addiction. In 2015, Utah ranked number 7 of all 50 U.S. states in prescription drug overdoses resulting in death. This is a giant 400% increase since 2000.

It’s time to start doing our part as individuals to begin altering those statistics in favor of life. There are plenty of addiction treatment centers in Utah that are committed to your healing and recovery that suit all walks of life. Being an industry specialist, we’ve taken ten of the best cities in Utah to seek out treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Enjoy our list of the top 10 cities in Utah for substance abuse treatment. If you have any further inquiries, we encourage you to reach out to us (866) 720-3784.

1. Addiction Treatment in Sandy, Utah

Prescription drug addiction has made its way into the cozy city of Sandy, even though it’s hidden away at the base of the mountain.

Heroin addiction has started running rampant as well, supporting the national opioid epidemic at its best.

The safe and friendly atmosphere of the community carries over into some of the top-rated substance abuse treatment facilities in Sandy, UT.

Sandy, Utah

Many of the alcohol and drug treatment programs work specifically with alcoholics, while others focus more on helping pregnant women with drug addictions.

Comprehensive treatment centers like Changes Counseling and (Consultation LLC), really focus on Cognitive Restructuring which fixes the addicted brain.

2. Substance Abuse Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah

Not only is Salt Lake City a well-rounded in it’s terrain, but the people come from all walks of life also. Unfortunately, with that comes the underbelly of drug abuse and addictions.

Roughly 15% of Salt Lake City residents, 12 years  and older, have tried illegal drugs within the past year. About half of them, now suffer from addictions that require professional treatment to recover from.  This led to to a need for what they now have, of an abundance of substance abuse treatment centers in Salt Lake City, Utah that facilitate evidence-based treatment programs for everyone.

Psychiatric and Behavioral Solutions provides drug and alcohol addiction detox and treatment services in Salt Lake City with Buprenorphine programs paired  with intensive therapy.

They also work with to DUI/DWI clients.

The treatment centers for addiction in the Salt Lake City area offer individualized treatment for substance abuse, detoxification, clients referred from the court/judicial system and  so much more.

If you’re looking for an aftercare program or outpatient addiction treatment services , Salt Lake City has it all covered.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah

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3. Addiction Treatment in Ogden, Utah

About 84,000 of Utah residents call this mid-sized city their home. The Ogden community is small, but mighty and is committed to healing those that suffer from the disease of addiction which is running rampant in their town.

Despite its size, there are at least 20 drug and alcohol rehabs in Ogden, UT that are well-equipped at providing  comprehensive addiction services.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ogden, UT

These treatment centers provide outpatient care and hospitalizations when necessary. Blue Skies Recovery Center is an alcohol and drug rehab in Ogden, UT that provides outpatient care and partial hospitalization or day treatment. They service adolescents, teens, co-occurring disorders, those with HIV or AIDS, gays, lesbians, seniors, pregnant and postpartum women.

A variety of payment options are available as well, including military insurance, cash on a sliding scale, private insurance and government insurance.

4. Substance Abuse Treatment in Logan, Utah

Alcohol and drug addiction is no stranger in Logan, Utah. Specialized programs are available at several local Logan facilities to families who need to heal from an addiction.

Outpatient addiction treatment facilities in Logan, UT allow you to stay home with your family and continue working while being able to tend to other obligations.

Patients take on the responsibility of making routine visits to the facility for the intensive treatment on a pre-designated routine basis.

If you are looking for addiction treatment tailored to women, men, adolescents, military or those who identify as LGBTQ, you will not have any problems finding it. Many facilities work with mental health and addictions together.

Behavioral Mental Health Services specializes in mental health and Substance Abuse treatment programs in Logan within an outpatient setting.

Logan, Utah Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

5. Midvale, Utah Substance Abuse Treatment

Many of the residents in Midvale may find that seeking treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction is complicated and overwhelming.

Midvale supports all levels of addiction treatment with facilities dedicated to healing the person as a whole. Treatment centers in Midvale are also focused on including family relationships.

Midvale, Utah Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Facilities like, Valley Mental Health is an addiction treatment center in Midvale that specializes in co-occurring disorders of mental issues and substance abuse issues together.

When addiction has its grasp on your brain, it’s difficult to see that life can be better without the use of prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or alcohol.

Treatment in a Midvale facility allows you to safely detox from the drug as comfortably as possible, along with uncovering the root of the addiction, to help ensure a successful, long-term recovery.

Midvale’s variety of treatment centers supports several different options and strategies, which allow you to have the best possible chance at recovery.

6. Substance Abuse Treatment in Bountiful, Utah

A hop, skip, and a jump from downtown Salt Lake City, Bountiful has its share of people needing help with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Last year, a federal grant helped the state of Utah begin to fight the epidemic, hopefully encouraging those who need help, to seek it.

Substance abuse programs in Bountiful, UT offer an assortment of therapies utilizing proven strategies to help people overcome their addiction.

Over at Lakeview Hospital (New Vision), an  inpatient addiction treatment facility in Bountiful, UT provides residential or hospitalization treatment along with detoxification and buprenorphine in drug treatment.

With over 8 different treatment facilities for this small town, help is not only accessible; it’s feasible.

Bountiful, Utah Substance Abuse Treatment

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7. Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in West Jordan, Utah

The picturesque community of West Jordan is peaceful with a low unemployment rate and individual seasons.

But when you pull back the curtain, it reveals an epidemic plaguing most of the country today.

Prescription drug abuse is often preceded by heroin and other illegal drug use, both requiring extra help to recover from.

Substance Abuse Treatment in West Jordan, Utah

Treatment centers and health clinics in West Jordan offer detox, counseling, long-term treatment, and short-term treatment to recover your mind and body.

One addiction treatment center in West Jordan,  West Ridge Academy, is committed to taking care of and healing the youth by offering residential treatment, day treatment, in home treatment, group therapy, outpatient and aftercare for teens.

8. Substance Abuse Treatment in Saint George, Utah

Saint George, Utah’s drug and alcohol treatment centers are idealistically accommodating and extremely needed. A large portion of Utah’s opioid epidemic stems from an initiative in the 90s that championed an increase in pain pill prescriptions.

The initiative was successful with the exception of an over-correction. Currently, too much pain medication is being prescribed, which is responsible for about half of the opioid addictions in these neighborhoods.

Recovery facilities in Saint George have a variety of settings and have done wonders for the local community. One of the top-rated substance abuse treatment centers in Saint George, Saint George Metro Treatment Center’s New Season provides the latest in innovative addiction treatments based on the latest science, research and proven models. They are strictly dedicated to opioid addictions.

Saint George, Utah Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

9. Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Provo, Utah

As the hometown of Brigham Young University, Provo is known for its high literacy and low crime rates.

It has been boasted about in Forbes magazine as one the top 10 places to raise a family and/or retire.

What Forbes doesn’t touch on is the increasing number of deaths due to prescription pain medication or illegal drug abuse and overdose.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Provo, Utah

Provo, UT has several addiction treatment centers across the city that range in levels of care. Some of these facilities serve as intensive, long-term, residential care for adolescents, while others specialize in healing persons that are deaf or hard of hearing.

House of Hope is a substance abuse treatment center in Provo, UT that reaches out to pregnant women, or women with children. Not only do they help moms recover, but they extend their services to the children.

Addiction Treatment In Utah   (866) 720-3784

10. Substance Abuse Treatment in Layton, Utah

Despite previous efforts of curbing the nationwide prescription drug abuse epidemic, Layton hasn’t seen the same success rate the rest of the country has experienced. This issue is no stranger to state policymakers who continue to strive to reach more people needing help, without facilitating more addictions. There are 11 substance abuse treatment facilities in Layton, UT.

Some are behavioral clinics with special programs exclusively for persons needing help with co-occurring disorders. Others offer addiction treatment services in Layton, UT specifically for women, like the Davis Behavioral Health Inc (Womens Recovery Center).

A large selection of treatments including detox, therapy, short-term treatment, and more are offered by facilities that also provide several different payment options.

Layton, Utah Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

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