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Top 10 Cities in Oregon for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Top 10 Cities in Oregon for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Top 10 New York Cities for Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Looking for drug and alcohol treatment anywhere is an overwhelming and daunting task. Looking for alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Oregon is quite the opposite, as not only does Oregon host diverse landscapes from farms to beaches, but Oregon also has some of the top substance abuse treatment facilities. Read on to find the best cities in Oregon to get the most effective addiction treatment.

1. Addiction Treatment in Portland, Oregon

Treatment centers in Portland are comprised of a mix of mental health and substance abuse programs that cater to the deaf and hard of hearing.

They also treat patients with co-occurring disorders, HIV or AIDS, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBTQ) clients, seniors ,pregnant/postpartum women and clients referred from the court system.

Drug Rehabs in Portland, OR

The Substance abuse treatment centers in Portland, OR are surrounded by quaint communities, you may never want to leave as residents are often accused of having “Drawbridge Syndrome” once they get to know the city.

They love the life they built and are very protective of all they have cultivated. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Maybe this is one of the reasons why Drawbridge Syndrome has affected so many Portland residents.

2. Substance Abuse Treatment in Eugene, OR

If you are looking for an alcohol or drug rehab surrounded by a peaceful community, then drug and alcohol treatment in Eugene, OR is for you. In 2013, Eugene was named the #1 U.S. City for Hippies.

While not everyone considers themselves hippies, the whole city has an air of love and acceptance about it.

This is a great place to ease into a life of healthy activities and hobbies. Rent is affordable and physical fitness is a priority to its residents. Which makes it an ideal place to go for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Eugene, Oregon.

Also known as “Track Town, USA,” everybody takes advantage of trails and bustling streets for running fitness.

If running’s your thing, you’ve found your paradise. Even Nike lives here.

Eugene, OR Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

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3. Addiction Treatment in Salem, OR

If you’ve ever wondered where the center of the surface of the earth is, look no further for an answer.

There is a marker situated on the 45th parallel, which is right in Salem. Fun facts aside, this makes a great place for someone seeking substance abuse treatment in Salem, Oregon.

As the capital of Oregon, it easily compares to a junior Washington, D.C., complete with impressive marble buildings and cheery cherry blossoms.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Salem, OR

Salem is also known for its Award Winning trees (yes, you read that right.) Riverfront Park can be a daylong excursion when kayaking or hiking against breathtaking surroundings. An amusement park, the Pentacle Theater and the state fair are also great distractions in early recovery.

4. Substance Abuse Treatment in Roseburg, OR

If you’re interested in a small town vibe that has it all, Roseburg has you covered. Historic homes and a beautiful lighthouse will teach you a love of charming architecture while offering ample opportunities for white water rafting adventures, kayaking, hiking trails and bicycling.

Addiction treatment in Roseburg, Oregon is ideal for those looking to separate themselves from their current environment and get back to their roots.

Idyllic scenery at Crater Lake and various waterfalls will help you keep your conviction in recovery solid.

Treatments and sober living homes in Roseburg offer treatment programs and therapies to suit your individual needs. Roseburg offers you what you need for early recovery.

Roseburg, OR Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

5. Medford, OR Substance Abuse Treatment

Should you choose to keep your recovery simple, Medford has what you need. Golf and cosmic bowling are Medford favorites when it comes to hobbies.

Seeking drug and alcohol rehabs in Medford, Oregon may turn you into a permanent Medford resident when you are through.

Medford, OR

Outdoors, you may catch a glimpse of Bigfoot! He’s been known to make appearances in Medford but if you’re not one of the lucky ones, the consolation prize isn’t so bad: Roxy Ann Peak, the 2,000-foot tall volcano. It’s 30 million years old and dormant.

If that’s too much excitement, indulging in the Rogue Valley River may be more your thing. This is the same river that the movie A River Wild was filmed on and is Medford’s most beautiful outdoor feature.

6. Substance Abuse Treatment in Corvallis, OR

Home of Oregon State University, it’s no surprise that Corvallis has the lowest percent of children in the U.S. While learning to acclimate to an unfamiliar environment, away from alcohol and drugs, this little detail may be refreshing.

Corvallis is in a prime, central location with just about a one-hour drive in different directions to the ocean, to skiing, and to the airport.

Or, if you’d like to stay close to home, there are several biking and hiking trails within the city.

With these surrounding amenities, it’s hard to fathom a bad addiction treatment experience in Corvallis, Oregon.

Corvallis, OR Substance Abuse Treatment

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7. Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Pendleton, OR

Pendleton is a small town in central Oregon with almost 17,000 residents. It holds an annual fundraiser for the St. Anthony Hospital Foundation called the “Festival of Trees” in December.

The Pendleton Farmer’s Market is held on Fridays and there are tours of the Pendleton Underground held year around.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Pendleton, OR

Committed to addiction recovery, threre are several top rated drug and alcohol treatment centers in Pendleton, Oregon.

The city has a wealth of amenities such as coffee shops, parks, libraries, shopping, and an excellent transportation system. This calm environment encourages successful sober living.

8. Substance Abuse Treatment in Albany, OR

Charming downtown Albany has a nostalgic feel to it, complete with antique shops in beautiful, well-maintained historic structures. Wildlife is also abundant in the area to remind you that Albany is never very far from nature.

Life in this quiet town is simple and pleasant; most people just have a 20-minute commute and job growth has been positive, which gives someone in recovery more opportunities when coming out of treatment.

Several cutting edge substance abuse rehab centers in Albany, Oregon are complete with special programs and a wide variety of therapies, from wilderness expeditions to life coaching.

Many resources are available for those that choose to do their treatment in Albany.

Albany, OR Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

9. Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro residents have a reputation for being exceedingly nice people. It’s a small town with a big mind for business.

In fact, the industrial corridor between Hillsboro and Beaverton is also known as Silicon Forest — in reference to Silicon Valley in California.

Intel, Xerox, and Pixelworks are among some of the high-tech companies that are a part of Silicon Forest.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro is rated #92 in America’s small cities and that could be because of the variety of culture available in addition to great job opportunities. Addiction rehab in Hillsboro, Oregon is ideal for those who prefer to heal away from the typical hustle and bustle from everyday life.

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10. Substance Abuse Treatment in La Grande, OR

Beautiful lakes and hiking trails encourage physical fitness and a relationship with nature, which can help to avoid relapse after completing detox and treatment programs in La Grande, Oregon. After a hike or a day of kayaking, La Grande has plenty of eateries and places to shop to enjoy.

Residents consider the town a small community, full of family farms and ranches in which neighbors are friendly and look out for each other.One resident said that La Grande is a place in which you can see good in the world. That’s easy for one to imagine when looking at some of their crime rates—their rates are well below the national average in violent assaults, murder, and robbery. For a fresh start in a safe, fun city, La Grande makes a good choice.

La Grande, OR Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

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