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Boise, Idaho has a total of 48 drug rehab listing(s) containing information on alcohol rehab centers, addiction treatment centers, drug treatment programs, and rehabilitation clinics within the city. Contact us if you have a facility in Boise, Idaho and would like to share it in our directory. Additional information about specific Boise listings is available by phoning our toll free rehab helpline at 866-720-3784.

Drug or alcohol addiction is one of the hardest things a person can overcome. Although substance abuse is an issue that is often misunderstood by the masses, some understand just how difficult it can be to fight back against the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction when they have taken control of a person's mind and body. Usually, the only solution is to begin a course of treatment that begins with an intervention, and personalized assistance from a local rehab facility. These facilities have the resources on hand to guide people through their recovery, from the medications that can assist with withdrawal symptoms during detox, to the therapy and aftercare that increase your chances of successful long-term sobriety.

In Boise, Idaho, the Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) provides a number of programs to address problems regarding drug or alcohol abuse. The IDOC programs include:

  • Meth Matrix
  • family education
  • relapse analysis and prevention
  • individual and group counseling
  • twelve step involvement
  • social support
  • stabilization
  • Therapeutic Community Program and TC Aftercare
  • Helping Women Recover Program
  • New Directions Program for effectively working with inmates
  • Driving the Right Way Program for drunk driving offenders

Intervention and Rehab Treatment in Boise, ID

For people suffering with substance abuse, it can be difficult to admit that a reliance on drug and alcohol substances exists in the first place. Usually, an intervention can be used to help people come to terms with the issues that they are facing, and some people even find that they start to recognize the signs of addiction themselves when they are no longer able to stop their destructive alcohol or drug seeking behaviors, despite the fact that they are causing serious damage.

Once an intervention has been completed, it will be possible to seek help from a professional rehab treatment center in Boise, which will ask patients a number of important questions, and conduct crucial tests to ensure that they know exactly what kind of treatment any particular individual needs. Although almost all recovery will begin with detox, more severe addictions might require medically-assisted detox procedures, wherein medication is used to wean patients off their drug or alcohol. For instance, methadone might be used to assist in detoxification from illicit drugs.

Treatment Is a Long-Term Process

When searching for the right rehab treatment facility in Boise, ID, it's worth noting that the person in question should be comfortable with the idea of interacting with the same doctors, therapists, and counselors for an extended period of time. After all, there's more to overcoming substance abuse than the initial detox process. Frequently, various forms of therapy will be provided not only to help the individuals determine where their addiction began, but also to ensure that they have the tools that they need in place to fight back against temptation and relapse in the future.

The most important thing for people, and the friends and family of those with substance abuse issues to remember, is that substance abuse treatment is not a short-term process. In fact, overcoming addiction can be a life-long commitment that requires patients to constantly fight against temptation. This is why many treatment facilities will provide long-term follow-up programs for patients that include everything from regular drug testing appointments, to individual counseling sessions, and even group sessions that encourage support among people who are going down the same road to recovery. Treatment requires devotion, but it is always worth it in the end.

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Drug Facts

  • Crack cocaine is derived from powdered cocaine offering a euphoric high that is even more stimulating than powdered cocaine.
  • Many people wrongly imprisoned under conspiracy laws are women who did nothing more than pick up a phone and take a message for their spouse, boyfriend, child or neighbor.
  • More than half of new illicit drug users begin with marijuana.
  • More than 29% of teens in treatment are there because of an addiction to prescription medication.
  • Deaths from Alcohol poisoning are most common among the ages 35-64.
  • Over a quarter million of drug-related emergency room visits are related to heroin abuse.
  • 45%of people who use heroin were also addicted to prescription opioid painkillers.
  • Amphetamine was first made in 1887 in Germany and methamphetamine, more potent and easy to make, was developed in Japan in 1919.
  • Subutex use has increased by over 66% within just two years.
  • Disability-Adjusted Life-Years (DALYs): A measure of years of life lost or lived in less than full health.
  • 90% of people are exposed to illegal substance before the age of 18.
  • LSD (AKA: Acid, blotter, cubes, microdot, yellow sunshine, blue heaven, Cid): an odorless, colorless chemical that comes from ergot, a fungus that grows on grains.
  • Hallucinogens also cause physical changes such as increased heart rate, elevating blood pressure and dilating pupils.
  • In Alabama during the year 2006 a total of 20,340 people were admitted to Drug rehab or Alcohol rehab programs.
  • 2.5 million Americans abused prescription drugs for the first time, compared to 2.1 million who used marijuana for the first time.
  • Over 6.1 Million Americans have abused prescription medication within the last month.
  • In 2011, a Pennsylvania couple stabbed the walls in their apartment to attack the '90 people living in their walls.'
  • After time, a heroin user's sense of smell and taste become numb and may disappear.
  • Cocaine was originally used for its medical effects and was first introduced as a surgical anesthetic.

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