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Sparks, Nevada has a total of 6 drug rehab listing(s) containing information on alcohol rehab centers, addiction treatment centers, drug treatment programs, and rehabilitation clinics within the city. Contact us if you have a facility in Sparks, Nevada and would like to share it in our directory. Additional information about specific Sparks listings is available by phoning our toll free rehab helpline at 866-720-3784.

Drug or alcohol addiction is a chronic illness and should be treated as such. Those who have fallen in the traps of an addiction in Sparks, NV, have a lot of help available to them. This is because public health officials and the community alike have come to understand that people do not choose to become addicted, but also that the cost of not treating these individuals will always be higher, and have a far greater community impact, than treating them.

Statistics on Substance Abuse in Sparks, NV

Nevada is known as the Silver State, and it has a number of key problems with drug and alcohol abuse. Statistics include the fact that:

  • 10.3% of those aged over 12 have used an illicit substance in the past month. The highest percentage (22%) is in the 18 to 25 age group, followed by the 12 to 17 age group (12.5%). Those aged 26 or over used the least (8.2%). This highlights that there is a particular problem with youth substance abuse.
  • 50.7% of those over the age of 12 have drank alcohol in the past month. The lowest percentage (18.4%) was in the age category of 12 to 17, which is a promising result.
  • 35% of those over the age of 12 reported using tobacco in the past month, with the lowest percentage again being the 12 to 17 years old (15.3%), another positive statistic.
  • 7.6% of those over the age of 12 have used marijuana in the past month, with the lowest percentage being in the over 26 category (5.7%).
  • 2.4% of those aged over 12 reported using cocaine in the past month, with the lowest percentage again being the over 26, at 1.7%.

If you do require help from a detox and/or rehab facility in Sparks, NV, you have a number of options available to you. These include:

  • The Life Change Center
  • LYFE Recovery Services - H Street House
  • North State Drug & Alcohol Testing Facility

Finding Drug or Alcohol Treatment in Sparks, NV

Those who undergo treatment have usually gone through some sort of intervention first, which helped them to realize that they needed to get help for their condition. Once they got to that point, they first have to go through the process of detox. Detox should at all times be medically supervised because the associated withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe and will often drive people back to their chosen substance, at which point they at risk of suffering an overdose.

Once detox has been completed, it will be time for rehab treatment. This can be delivered on an inpatient basis, which means that patients have to live in a facility and concentrate fully on their recovery, or in an outpatient center, which means they can return home at the end of the day. Following rehab, aftercare will be offered, which is designed to ensure that people can properly reintegrate into normal society. It will also ensure that they get the help they need if and when they go through relapse.

Rehabilitation Categories

We have carefully sorted the 150 drug rehab centers in nevada. Filter your search for a treatment program or facility with specific categories. You may also find a resource using our addiction treatment search. For additional information on nevada drug rehab please phone our toll free helpline.

Drug Facts

  • Stimulants have both medical and non medical recreational uses and long term use can be hazardous to your health.
  • From 1961-1980 the Anti-Depressant boom hit the market in the United States.
  • 50% of adolescents mistakenly believe that prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs.
  • Meperidine (brand name Demerol) and hydromorphone (Dilaudid) come in tablets and propoxyphene (Darvon) in capsules, but all three have been known to be crushed and injected, snorted or smoked.
  • Most people use drugs for the first time when they are teenagers.
  • Ironically, young teens in small towns are more likely to use crystal meth than teens raised in the city.
  • People who abuse anabolic steroids usually take them orally or inject them into the muscles.
  • Oxycodone stays in the system 1-10 days.
  • There are 2,200 alcohol poisoning deaths in the US each year.
  • Rates of valium abuse have tripled within the course of ten years.
  • Texas is one of the hardest states on drug offenses.
  • Meth has a high potential for abuse and may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.
  • In 2005, 4.4 million teenagers (aged 12 to 17) in the US admitted to taking prescription painkillers, and 2.3 million took a prescription stimulant such as Ritalin. 2.2 million abused over-the-counter drugs such as cough syrup. The average age for first-time users is now 13 to 14.
  • Drug addiction is a serious problem that can be treated and managed throughout its course.
  • A heroin overdose causes slow and shallow breathing, blue lips and fingernails, clammy skin, convulsions, coma, and can be fatal.
  • Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used for the first time. Approximately 7,000 people try marijuana for the first time every day.
  • In the early 1900s snorting Cocaine was popular, until the drug was banned by the Harrison Act in 1914.
  • In 2012, nearly 2.5 million individuals abused prescription drugs for the first time.
  • Crystal meth is short for crystal methamphetamine.

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