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Saint Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital Center (Addiction Institute/Halfway House)

Saint Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital Center (Addiction Institute/Halfway House) in New York, New York is a drug rehab program focusing on rehabilitation services. Providing a halfway house or sober living home with general services. No special groups or programs are supported for drug treatment.

Facility Location:
306 West 102nd Street, New York,new-york, 10025, USA
Mailing Address:
306 West 102nd Street, New York,NY, 10025, USA
Phone Number:
(212) 678-6329
Intake Number:
(212) 678-6339
Primary Focus of Care:
Not Available
Services Provided
Halfway house
Type of Care:
  • Not Available
  • Special Programs and Groups:
    Not Available
    Forms of Payment Accepted:
    Not Available
    Payment Assistance Available:
    Not Available
    Special Language Services:
    Not Available

    Facility Map:

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    Drug Facts

    • Ecstasy can cause you to dehydrate.
    • Heroin can be injected, smoked or snorted
    • Alcohol is the number one substance-related cause of depression in people.
    • Younger war veterans (ages 18-25) have a higher likelihood of succumbing to a drug or alcohol addiction.
    • Meth causes severe paranoia episodes such as hallucinations and delusions.
    • In 2007, methamphetamine lab seizures increased slightly in California, but remained considerably low compared to years past.
    • Women in college who drank experienced higher levels of sexual aggression acts from men.
    • Family intervention has been found to be upwards of ninety percent successful and professionally conducted interventions have a success rate of near 98 percent.
    • GHB is often referred to as Liquid Ecstasy, Easy Lay, Liquid X and Goop
    • Women who have an abortion are more prone to turn to alcohol or drug abuse afterward.
    • Marijuana is just as damaging to the lungs and airway as cigarettes are, leading to bronchitis, emphysema and even cancer.
    • Methamphetamine can cause rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, elevated body temperature and convulsions.
    • More than 29% of teens in treatment are there because of an addiction to prescription medication.
    • In 2007, 33 counties in California reported the seizure of clandestine labs, compared with 21 counties reporting seizing labs in 2006.
    • Sniffing gasoline is a common form of abusing inhalants and can be lethal.
    • Cocaine gives the user a feeling of euphoria and energy that lasts approximately two hours.
    • Dual Diagnosis treatment is specially designed for those suffering from an addiction as well as an underlying mental health issue.
    • Narcotics are used for pain relief, medical conditions and illnesses.
    • Cigarettes can kill you and they are the leading preventable cause of death.
    • Drug use can interfere with the healthy birth of a baby.

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